June 5

5 Tips on Search Engine Optimisation



images4Search engine optimisation Adelaide can help your local business website improve its search engine ranking, and thus increase its traffic and sales. Get started with the following five tips.

  1. Add the keyword ‘Adelaide’ to your primary keyphrase

If you’re selling a product of service locally, consider using Adelaide in your main keyphrase. Many searchers add the city name to a search, so the keyword ‘Adelaide’ could help you rank better. Search engines look at the location of the searcher when displaying the results.

  1. Focus on the locals

When considering search engine optimisation Adelaide, it can be better for your ranking to focus on becoming the most relevant local business in your market, rather than optimising for global keywords. To make your business website significant locally, sign in to Google places, add photos, encourage customers to submit reviews, and promote yourself through local directories and related local websites.

  1. Learn from your competitors

To do the most effective search engine optimisation Adelaide, it’s important to monitor your competitors, those websites that sell the same products or services as you. You want to look especially at higher-ranking websites and determine what it is that places them above you. Identifying that on your own might be difficult, but an SEO firm can help. Most SEO firms provide competitor analysis as a standard feature in their basic SEO package.

  1. Spread the word about your business through social media

Maintaining a local blog, Facebook fan page, Twitter account, Google+ business page, and so on, will not only help you reach more potential customers, but also feed search engines fresh content that might increase your search engine ranking.

  1. Use SEO consultancy services

An SEO consultant will analyse your Adelaide-based website, identify any issues that might negatively affect its rating, and suggest improvements. The difference between an SEO consultant and an SEO company is that the former doesn’t necessarily implement the changes, they may do the implementation, or manage it for you.

In the end, remember that for the best search engine optimisation Adelaide you should use the professional services of an SEO consultancy firm and/or SEO company.

About the author 

Binh An Nguyen

Binh is the founder and CEO of Market Ease Business Promotions Pty Ltd., a company dedicated to helping small to medium sized enterprises succeed online, and is currently helping dozens of business owners generate a flood of leads and acquiring an avalanche of sales to their firms through the power of the internet. His clients range from all over Australia, New Zealand, US and in the UK. In the last 4 years, Binh has helped several multi-million dollar companies in Australia sell millions of dollars worth of products online.

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