Are you customer centric enough in your online marketing approach?


Adelaide-seo-web-designIn the digital age where people spend a lot of time doing due diligence before they buy something, it’s critical to get the right message across about what it will be like to do business with you. The experience you create on your website for your visitors can make a massive impact or will make little to no impact at all.

Customer centricity is vital. Not thinking of your customer when designing your online marketing strategy can be fatal!

People want to know “what’s in it for me?” If you tell them, this is good. If you show them, this is even better. The right impact is important. Here are some tips to make sure you are doing online marketing in a customer-centric way.

  1. Make your pages load as fast as possible. People haven’t got all day and they have almost no patience for slow-loading sites. This will impact how they feel about your ability to be swift and give them what they need. (Tip: Don’t forget to create a mobile-ready site to meet the needs of mobile prospects!)
  2. Anticipate the wants and needs of your website visitors. Overcome their concerns about trusting you to do business with. Do this with the right language and the right visuals that walk them through a sales process.  Offer proof, wherever possible, that you deliver on your promises.
  3. Make sure you use a good web design strategy. A clean and professional looking web design will get your point across and position you as a serious and professional company.
  4. Create a good navigational strategy. This can help you create the right experience to help walk people from their landing page to toward the finish line where they buy from you.
  5. Not everyone will be ready to make a purchase the first time they arrive so do your best to drive traffic to an opt-in page where people will want to agree to hear from you again. There are many ways to do this, such as a giveaway, for example. Getting people to opt in should be done under the premise of helping them in some way.
  6. Use social marketing to drive traffic to your site but don’t be too salesy. This isn’t customer-centric marketing. Instead, consider driving traffic to your site to help people gather information that will help them be informed buyers. This can help you win influence and demonstrate your expertise in your market.
  7. Read your website stats regularly. These will tell you how people behaved on each page of your site and can provide glaringly obvious clues about what you need to do to boost your conversion rate for each page of your website.

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