Little Piggy Bank

In the expanding world of the internet and the businesses trying to exploit it and digital marketers trying to exploit those businesses.

Likesfollowers and traffic are all buzzwords used in modern day digital marketing.

But, unfortunately, these vanity metrics are unlikely to grow your Piggy bank.

Likes are just likes and followers are just... followers.

However, if your digital marketing efforts are focused on attaining more conversions, your business will inevitably grow.

A conversion is...

When a website visitor completes a desired goal, such as filling out a form or making a purchase.

... Basically, anything that positively impacts your bottom line. So, the more conversions that your business gets, the better.

But, how do you get more conversions?

Well, you could spend more. Which means, allocating more of your marketing budget to digital marketing to get more traffic to your website.

Or, you could improve the conversion rate at which your existing traffic is converting on your website.

The 10 tips presented below are a much more cost effective alternative than simply throwing more money onto your marketing budget. 

Here are 7 things that you can do right now to improve your conversion rate. 

1. Write For The User

Does the content on your website speak about the user? Or your business?

Rather than writing about yourself on the homepage (or landing page), write for the user.

Capture their attention with the headline, peak their interest with the following text, provide social proof supporting your product/service and then conclude with a strong call to action.

This is writing inline with the AIDA (Awareness, Interest, Desire & Action) Formula. See how we used it to help Big Screen Video dramatically reduce their cost per conversion

2. Speed Things Up

Speed Up Your Website

It's no secret that the loading speed of your website is incredibly important.

In fact, in late 2018, Google announced that every additional second that it takes for your page to load... it decreases your conversion rate by up to 10%!

Use tools like to analyse the loading speed of your website and see how it can be improved. 

3. Offer Freebies

People love free things.

White Paper items like brochures and infographics are great to giveaway because they don't cost anything - but they can help you acquire email addresses.

So, if a website visitor doesn't convert on the first time they visit your website, you are now able to keep the conversation going with emails. 

4. Use A Chatbot

Chatbot Clipart

According to IBM, up to 80% of routine customer service questions could be answered by a chatbot.

With chatbots able to provide instant answers to client questions 24/7, your potential clients could now have easy access to all of the information they have needed before they were ready to commit to a purchase. 

5. Install Remarketing Pixels

Both Google and Facebook have free remarketing pixels that you can install on your website (or correctly through Google Tag Manager - contact us about this).

Once installed, you can send remarketing messages on Facebook and Google back to previous website visitors who did not convert.

Depending on the action the website visitors have taken, you can reach them with tailored advertising.

Imagine if your user added a product to your cart and did not finish their purchase - your remarketing message could say something like "We have saved your cart, are you ready to purchase?".

6. Use Heatmaps To See Which Parts Of Your Page Get The Most Attention

See what people do on your website pages, where they click, what they ignore and how far they scroll.

With this information, you can quickly remove "bottle neck" elements on your website and see what your user actually wants.

Tools like Hotjar & Crazyegg to help you with this. If you need help setting up either, just let us know. 

7. Try Google Optimize For Free Split Tests

Google Optimise A/B Tests

Stop guessing and start testing.

Google Optimize is a free A/B testing personalisation platform which allows you to test variations of your website in order to improve conversions.  

Testing headlines, graphics and call to actions on Google Optimise is a great way to continuously improve your conversion rate. 

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