The site you’re trying to get Google to notice needs to speak to them. If it doesn’t speak in the language Google understands, Google probably won’t categorise you correctly.  Google might not even notice you at all.

Google’s algorithms need to understand, explicitly, what your site is saying. An SEO specialist can be a bit like a translator who helps you communicate with one another.  An SEO company can help you in many ways.

Words and Phrases

Certain keywords in your industry are more popular and more highly searched than others. It’s not only about knowing what’s popular, though. It’s also about knowing which sites you have a chance of ranking for.  If every business tries to rank for the same phrase, 99% of them won’t reach their goal. Choosing the right set of phrases can make a big difference to your efforts to obtain top organic search engine rankings. Research will reveal what’s popular and what phrases offer a good opportunity to achieve rankings.


There are a number of places on each page of your site that the search engines measure. Some of these places are a mystery to many website owners. The right approach to population will increase the probability of your site speaking the right language to Google. A good chunk of your competition isn’t populating all of these key places.


Google is a bit into the cliques, in a way. It looks at who your friends are, who you link to, and who links to you when making a determination about how important your site might be. Your SEO consultant can also be a bit like an online image consultant in the sense that you can be presented in the right way so that you’re seen as a “somebody”.

The wrong approach to trying to get noticed by Google won’t do much good. You could wind up looking like a pesky site that’s trying too hard to fit in. This could get you ignored or even put on an ‘ignore’ list.

When trying to get found, keep the following in mind:

  • SEO is only part of the picture. An overall online marketing strategy needs to be in place, too. You’re also going to want a solid infrastructure in place to handle the influx of volume once SEO starts working for you.
  • Customer experience is vitally important. Search engines pay attention to how people react to you as much as how you present yourself. A good result will net more traffic.
  • Not all search engine optimisation advice online is current. And not all companies who profess to be SEO experts are going to be as good as they say they are. It’s smart to research your options.

Would you like a free SEO consultation? Talk to Market Ease. We’re an SEO company in Adelaide who knows our stuff. And…we know Google!


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