strategy_success_block_crossword_4710There are a number of fundamental SEO factors, suggest search engine optimisation Sydney experts. These factors allow certain websites to control the dominant rankings in Google. However, most fundamental of all is the choice of keywords. For a company based in Sydney, search engine optimisation is crucial for capturing local business, as well as the international clients and customers.

This article will cover the basic steps of selecting keywords:

• Narrow down the niche market

• Asses the true competitors (and spy on them)

• Look for highly focused, low volume keywords

The first step is to truly understand the niche market, and decide on the sub-niche.

Unfortunately, many websites focus on too broad a section of the market and therefore fail in their SEO efforts. Websites will be given more credit from Google for tightly narrowing down their keyword choices, and they will likely generate more traffic also (when targeting approximately 15-20 unique sub-niche keywords). The cumulative traffic from each targeted keyword makes a major difference.

The second step is assessing the true competition. Many websites and online businesses are competing with the wrong companies. If the first SEO step has been done correctly, then finding the websites of real competitors will be simple. From here, it is important to check the meta-tags and incoming links to that website (in order to see which keywords are creating the high ranking). As usual in business, it is competitive research that pays off.

When the two search engine optimisation steps above have been completed, a list of possible keywords should emerge. From here, research is needed to identify those keywords that will prove to be easiest to rank well for in Google.

There are various online SEO tools that can be used to identify searches and traffic volume.

This is the most basic keyword research process that should be conducted by online marketers or their SEO consultants. Search engine optimisation Sydney specialists are recommended for conducting keyword research and to refine the process even further for local search (some have custom software designed for this process).

Keyword research is vital for search engine optimisation Sydney. Businesses will gain a great deal from investing in this process, as many companies do not understand, or simply don’t allocate the time for this important first step. From here, work can begin on the process of website optimisation (keyword density, keyword usage and website structure).

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