SEO AdelaideLarge brands and well-established companies tend to rank well in Google’s universal and organic search results, making it increasingly difficult for small businesses to improve their search rankings and become visible on the Internet. In its continuing effort to provide the most relevant search results to users, Google recently announced one of its algorithm updates—the Venice update for matching local search queries with geo targeted web pages. Thus, small businesses in Adelaide require effective SEO Adelaide strategies to boost local search rankings and target potential customers.

Understanding localised search results

Internet behaviour continues to evolve as Internet users waste little time to find what they need by adding locations to their search queries. Even without the inclusion of location names, Google is able to refine search results by examining a user’s IP address. The IP (Internet Protocol) address is a publicly available signal which can indicate the probable location of a computer. Web pages containing geo targeted keywords or localised content are then matched to the local search queries and ranked accordingly.

Benefits of localised SEO Adelaide strategies

  • Localised SEO helps attract a finely targeted audience who are most likely ready to purchase online or visit a nearby bricks and mortar establishment.
  • Small local businesses can use longtail geotargeted keywords to improve their chances of ranking well in local search results.

Ideal users of localised SEO strategy are:

  • small local businesses
  • businesses promoting special offers only in specific locations
  • businesses sending unique advertising messages to specific locations.
  • Businesses trying to measure success of ads in specific regions
  • Businesses selling products only in certain locations

Tips for local SEO

  • Examine and analyse localised results on one’s targeted keywords.
  • Check out the competitor’s geo targeted keywords.
  • Create unique and useful content with local flavour such as location-based reviews, surveys and user-generated content on local events and issues.
  • Incorporate localised keywords in the title tag, meta description, page content, and header tags.
  • Improve site architecture for better navigation.
  • Create localised pages or microsites with useful local content. Add location-based keywords as anchor text and point them to links on the main website.
  • Markup business addresses on Schema and hCard.
  • Add a KML sitemap which is a file used to determine the exact address of a company through its longitudinal and latitudinal coordinates. A tool like the Geo Sitemap Generator Tool can help create the KML sitemap.

Every business in Adelaide needs localised SEO Adelaide strategies to reach a finely targeted audience and improve their search rankings. Such location-based strategies are essential whether one has single or multiple business locations.

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