April 5

Losing Subscribers? Stop the Bleeding!



If you are losing subscribers to social media accounts, blogs, and / or newsletters, it’s akin to your site bleeding money. Read on for some sage advice:

Adelaide SEO - blog and online subscribers plummeting?There are many ways to market to your customers and target customers online. Subscriber marketing can work really well as subscribers are a great audience to have. Once they subscribe to you, they are connected to you for the future — unless they unsubscribe. People can subscribe to your blog, your newsletter, your YouTube channel, your Facebook account and follow you on Twitter and other social media sites, too.  A climbing subscriber list on multiple platforms is a great thing to have and it shows you that your approach is working well.  But what if the numbers start to dwindle?  Worse, what if those numbers start to plummet fast?  Read on for some things to check and some things to do:

Is Everything Working Properly?

Sometimes people unsub because they aren’t getting what they need. Are there dead links? Is your strategy not doing anything for them? Are there other problems that you’re missing that could be turning your subscribers ‘off’?  Carefully examine everything to ensure all is working as it is supposed to be.

Have You Said or Done Something to Upset People?

Did you make a bad choice about something in your online marketing? Are your updates too salesy? Are you being misunderstood?  Did you inadvertently (or intentionally) get caught up in something controversial?  It could be playing havoc with your online reputation. Stop and consider the best way to carefully proceed so things don’t get worse.

Has Someone Said Something About You?

If someone has said something negative about you or your business online this could also have some bad results with your followers and subscribers.  Do some investigation to see if this is happening and do your best to deal with it swiftly. You can’t erase bad reviews if they are legit, for example, but you can start to try to fix things and this could help you rebuild your reputation.

Re-tool Your Strategy

Maybe you’ve been going about things in a less than optimal way and it has hurt your subscriber numbers.  Maybe the way you were doing things in the past is no longer relevant or effective for your audience.  It’s not the end of the world; you can fix this.  Some analysis and re-grouping could be the right way to proceed.

Keep Measuring

Keep analysing your site’s and online social presence results to continually fine tune things. There will be peaks and there will be valleys in your success but continually work to maximise the potential of your hits as well as learn from your misses and you will be in good shape to grow and succeed.

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About the author 

Binh An Nguyen

Binh is the founder and CEO of Market Ease Digital Pty Ltd., a company dedicated to helping small to medium sized enterprises succeed online, and is currently helping dozens of business owners generate a flood of leads and acquiring an avalanche of sales to their firms through the power of the internet. His clients range from all over Australia, New Zealand, US and in the UK. In the last 4 years, Binh has helped several multi-million dollar companies in Australia sell millions of dollars worth of products online.

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