CPC Google AdwordsHave you been considering a pay-per-click campaign to drive traffic to your website and quickly increase sales but been intimidated by the cost? Well, the good news is that the cost-per-click has gone down considerably in recent months. Here’s why you can expect a lower price for your PPC campaign and why it’s a great time to get started with this form of internet marketing.

Google Policy Brings Down the CPC Price 

Google has reported that the average cost per click has dropped by about 15 percent over the past year. Before you get all teary-eyed about the loss in revenue for Google, rest assured that their advertising income hasn’t suffered a bit. That’s because the world’s largest search engine has changed the way they present ads online – there are more advertisers now than there were a year ago so that means the sheer volume of paid advertisements has increased, thus providing a greater number of options for a growing number of internet users.

Of course, they can’t click on every ad so that necessarily decreases the cost per click to companies like yours. This larger number of available impressions means Google can’t charge as much for click-throughs; fewer click-throughs results in a lower bill. For the small business owner, the ability to gain more customers through PPC advertising for a lower cost should make this one of the best ways to spend a limited online marketing budget.

AdWords Campaign Tips

Competition for keywords is still fierce and there are still many ads for internet users to choose from, so it’s more important than ever to carefully construct a PPC ad. Those of lower quality or relevancy will suffer the lowest click-through rates. A good rule of thumb is to create two or three ads and run them consecutively (a split test), then examine the statistics to determine which text was most effective at gaining the most traffic to your website.

It is likely that Google ranks AdWords campaigns much as they rank websites; those ads which perform poorly are featured less often and moved to the bottom of the box. It’s simply good business for Google to more dominantly feature the advertisers who are bringing in more revenue to their company! It’s well worth it to hire a professional to manage your PPC campaign so you enjoy optimum placement – and ROI.

One last thing to consider – as more merchants vie for space via AdWords PPC, those who do a poorer job of campaign management will likely decrease the amount of their CPC bids in order to defray expenses. That makes the cost of your campaign look less expensive in the short run, but it’s best to stick with an optimised plan in the long run in order to gain maximum click-throughs and sales.

Internet marketing via PPC is always a good idea if you can afford it and with the lower cost of clicks through Google AdWords, the smart e-commerce business owner will give it a shot in order to increase the bottom line.

At Market Ease, we can help you construct a great PPC campaign that could have a good ROI for you. Talk to us about PPC, SEO, Web Design, and Online Marketing.

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