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Reasons Google Loves WordPress Blogs

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Google and other search engines can easily read blogs made in WordPress. This works to your SEO advantage!

These days, you are more likely to find websites that are based on a WordPress platform than any other, and there are many good reasons for that. Not only are they user friendly, but search engines (especially Google) love WordPress sites. Here’s why.

Page Ranking Is Related to Relevancy

Pages are ranked in Google’s search results based on how relevant they are to the search term used. Google’s spiders can’t “see” your website, but they can crawl through it and look for clues such as keywords, title tags, image tags, meta descriptions, freshness of content, traffic volume, inbound link relevancy, unique content, navigation and architecture.

So, if your website sells ingredients for quick weeknight meals, for instance, the more ways you can show that via these factors, the higher your pages will rank for a search term such as “pressure cooker recipes” or “shopping list menu”.

Relevant WordPress Features

The reason WordPress is so popular with search engines is because this platform naturally contains a variety of features that provide the information necessary for spiders to consider it relevant to keyword searches.

Permalinks, the unique URL associated with a single page or blog post, are a big help when you want your content to rank highly for a specific keyword search. WordPress defaults to a post number but it’s better for SEO if you change the permalink structure to include the name of your blog post (which includes keywords, of course).

Another thing Google likes to find is a title and description for your site that includes your relevant keywords. This is an easy area to revise on your WordPress site. Remember to include your primary keywords so they show up in the title and description of your website when someone searches for those terms.

Optimising for your primary keywords is easy via a WordPress site because you can include them not only on each page, but in each blog post and each post’s category and tags. Of course, you don’t want to stuff them in so the content reads like spam, but WordPress easily provides the ability to include them enough times that Google will index your site properly based on those keywords. Don’t get too caught up in determining the optimum density, just use keywords naturally for best ranking.

Another place you need to ensure that search engine spiders will find your keywords is in page titles and headers (indicated by H1, H2 and H3 font sizes). In particular, H1 headers are most important in terms of SEO – an easy thing to include in your WordPress site by simply using the expanded “kitchen sink” toolbar. Page title tags, too, can be modified – and they should be since many internet marketers believe this is the number one tool Google uses to index a site.

Of course, it is the website owner’s responsibility to ensure that Google’s spiders can “see” images by providing relevant descriptions. WordPress makes this easy by allowing you to add a caption and a description invisible to visitors but used by search engines to determine what a picture portrays. Remember that your images will likely show up in a Google Image search, too, if properly described and tagged – another way to increase your page’s ranking for specific keywords.

If you want a website that is easy to maintain and utilises natural search engine optimisation via standard features, an optimised WordPress website is a great way to go.

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Binh An Nguyen

Binh is the founder and CEO of Market Ease Business Promotions Pty Ltd., a company dedicated to helping small to medium sized enterprises succeed online, and is currently helping dozens of business owners generate a flood of leads and acquiring an avalanche of sales to their firms through the power of the internet. His clients range from all over Australia, New Zealand, US and in the UK. In the last 4 years, Binh has helped several multi-million dollar companies in Australia sell millions of dollars worth of products online.

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