February 27


SEO AdelaideWebsite visitors may be there on your site in order to buy something. They may be there to get some quick info. They might have simply stumbled onto your site via another site that linked to you.  Whatever the case is, try to do what you can to turn those visitors into followers. Doing so can increase the chances that you’ll have the door open to future communication and future profit potential.

There are many ways to do this:

Blog Subscription

Write a useful and informative business blog and suggest that readers subscribe to the blog. This way, they will get notifications in email or in their RSS reader when you post new content.

Newsletter Opt-In

A regular email newsletter can be a great vehicle for sharing information and your expertise. Prominently display an opt-in box on your site so that visitors can opt-in. You may want to make opting in an attractive proposition, with a freebie or special deal that’s given out to subscribers only.

Facebook and Twitter Follow

Building your social media following can take time but your website can help in this regard. You can use your website as a tool that builds up your social media following and then use your social media accounts to drive traffic back to your website. This process can help you generate sales from new customers as well as repeat business from past clients, too. Facebook and Twitter widgets could help with this. Adding a bookmarklet to the bottom of your business blog posts encouraging people to bookmark on social media can help, too.

Form Completion

Giving people a way to reach you for a quote or personal consultation could help you capture their details so that you can contact them personally with a quote or consultation offer.

You spend a lot of time trying to get visitors. Once you have them, they may not always be ready or able to buy from you at that exact moment but if you can convert them into a follower or subscriber you do leave the door open for future potential.

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