stick_figure_search_clues_1814For those thinking of investing in the services of an Adelaide search engine optimisation expert, there are some very important factors to take into account. In Adelaide SEO experts can be hit and miss depending on their knowledge and how up to date they are on the latest Google changes. Here are some tips on how to identify a qualified local optimisation expert.

The first thing to determine whether the company claiming to have expert credentials in search engine optimisation really does. For example, if they fail to stay ahead of the latest changes then all online marketing efforts will be wasted.

Right now, it is estimated that Google alone makes over 500 changes to its search algorithm in a twelve-month period. Of course, some of the changes are very minor and won’t affect search engines rankings, but other major changes can have a huge impact (such as sending a first page listing to page ten).

Unless the SEO expert is up to date and knows how to interpret the changes (and apply them to a website) websites will see a huge drop in traffic. In order to gauge their knowledge, it wise to know some of the recent changes.

For example, one of the most recent changes made by Google was nicknamed “Penguin”. This update was highly anticipated and caused major concern for website owners as it was thought to penalise websites for over-optimisation. While it was not as devastating as first thought, it has dropped the rankings of thousands of websites guilty of keyword stuffing. There are also a number of spam filters that were included in this update and which impact websites.

As such, it is important that SEO Adelaide experts understand the implications of this update and change some of their methods. Optimisation methods from just a year ago will no longer work, and could negatively affect website rankings in Google.

When looking for SEO professionals, ensure that their techniques are known to comply with Google’s terms of service. It is important that those looking to hire an SEO expert understand the techniques that will be used ahead of time.

Never consent to the use of automated blog networks for example. Instead, look for specific keyword targeting, social media implementation and site-wide optimisation.

There are SEO Adelaide experts that can help businesses to achieve high Google rankings, an increase in traffic and a jump in sales, but carefully choose the one that you engage, and don’t make price a determining factor.

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