Content Tips to Get Attention and Convert Readers

Content Tips to Get Attention and Convert Readers

SEO AdelaideYour site or online store needs content and that content must be updated on a regular basis for best SEO results. But the type of content you post is also important. Your pages might be bringing in lots of traffic because the articles are informative and entertaining, but are they converting readers into customers? If not, it’s time to focus on writing attention-grabbing text. Here are four key ways to do that.

1. Time Limits

Generally speaking, human beings are lazy. It’s not that they don’t want to take advantage of your offer, but they will often procrastinate so long that they never get around to doing it. When you post a special offer on your website, ensure that it comes with a deadline – and make that deadline prominent. It should also be within a short period of time, anywhere from a week or two to possibly a month but not longer than that. The idea is to prompt a sense of urgency in your readers.

2. Social Proof

A second way to turn your readers into buyers is by offering ample social proof that your product or service really does work – and someone just like them has already tried it and loves it. Alternately, a celebrity or well-known figure in your industry can provide very compelling social proof. Always ask for testimonials from your satisfied customers and urge them to post a nice one on your social media pages so it can be seen by the maximum number of potential new customers.

3. Instil a Sense of Urgency

Another way to make people act (buy) is by instilling a sense of urgency in them. You might remember a bygone era when most women were stay-at-home mums who took care of the household while their husbands went to work. Laundry detergent manufacturers of the time increased sales by preying on their sense of fear – fear that their husband’s dirty collar would be frowned upon by colleagues and clients. Use that same concept to sell your product or service, pointing out the consequences of NOT using it. Fear is a strong word as you don’t want to act unethically with customers but urgency and concern can be part of your campaign to propel action by readers.

4. Limited Quantities

Finally, one more way to get your readers to quickly become paying customers is by telling them quantities of your product or service are limited. This works best in conjunction with social proof and urgency; if a famous sports figure testifies that a particular brand of golf clubs has greatly improved his game, you will want to portray these golf clubs as being available in very limited quantities – if the visitor to your website doesn’t act soon, he might miss out on ever owning one of them and will never shoot a hole under par.

There are several smart ways you can write content for your e-commerce website that converts readers into buyers. Use these four techniques and see if they help your sales. Then do some testing and analysis to see which results work best and you could find yourself with a great set of new strategies to boost sales.