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There are many digital marketing Adelaide agencies that can promise the world, but very few have what it takes to deliver on their promises.

If you are in search of a digital marketing company in Adelaide, make sure you do your due diligence and ask the right questions while doing your research. For example, has the company in question been in the industry for a long time? Or have they just been established recently? As there are a lot of agency owners that do it just for their own short term profits, and don't look at it in the view of long term longevity. These digital marketers will often leave their business to chase the next new opportunity that comes their way, and often leave their clients deserted and under-serviced.

Does the digital marketer or digital marketing company work with other credible companies, and what are they saying about them? Do they have proof that they can deliver consistent results?

Does the digital marketing company know what they're doing? Do they understand your industry? Do they have your best interest at heart? Are they fair?

These are all the questions you should be asking yourself when you're deciding on a digital marketing agency to partner with. We'd love for your to put us to the test, and invite you to reach out for an initial chat to see whether or not we are a good fit.

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Chantale Millard - CEO, Maggie Beer Holdings

We have worked with other digital agencies before, but Market Ease have spent the time to get to know our business and its goals – they now feel like they are part of our team

We have seen a significant increase in our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and they achieved the targets we gave them in only a couple of months. We now have the confidence to invest more money in our digital marketing to grow our business further.

Chantale Millard

CEO, Maggie Beer Holdings

Neha Profile Picture

The best thing I like about working with ME is the genuine effort that’s put in towards growing our account. I really appreciate your flexibility to accommodate our requests at short notices and the transparency you provide regarding the work being done.

While working with ME you’d never feel you are ‘just another account’ with an agency as they try hard to understand your business and provide suitable suggestions. Highly recommend the team!

Neha Deoliya

Marketing Manager, Cartridge World AU/NZ

Within only the first 30 days into the campaign, we saw our cost per conversion drop by 97.1% from $582.70 per conversion to just $16.77 per conversion. Considering our average transaction value is $50,000 per sale, this is a great result! Not only this, but the number of conversions have also increased significantly, and it is still improving to this day. We are getting consistent leads coming through, and our sales team are very happy with the quality of the leads.

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Market Ease to anyone looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.

Hannah Priebe-Clarke

Marketing Manager, BSV

As a result of the one month free service offered by Market Ease, we saw an immediate 44% savings on our ad spend without any sacrifice on leads and sales. This translates to a $35,000 savings on ad spend for the year, all from the 1 month free service, kindly offered as the prize package. And this is just scratching the surface... We look forward to working with them in the future to improve the campaigns even further.

Hinney Lo

Managing Director, PixelForce

Simon Strode

Since partnering with Market Ease in January 2019, we have expanded into three additional states within Australia, increased our monthly marketing budget by $40K and have reduced our cost per conversion by 50%.

However, what’s impressed me the most with Market Ease is their desire to continue innovating and learning about our industry. They are now working with us to also automate the B2B component of our business.

Simon Strode

Founder & CEO, EzLicence

In the four months that we've been with Market Ease, our sales have grown, our leads have grown, and we're on and up from here.

Andrew Eastwood

Managing Director, U-Store-It

Glenn Forster

Based on the success and feedback that we’ve had (in Melbourne), we’re now rolling (our digital marketing campaign with Market Ease) nationally

Glenn Forster

Sales Academy Manager, Hyundai Motor Company Australia

Frequenty Asked Digital Marketing Questions

Is it worth paying for digital marketing in 2021?

This depends on your needs. The first question you should be asking is, what is the biggest need for your business right now? We are a little bit bias, but we do think digital marketing is worth paying for in 2021 and beyond. However, every business is in a different circumstance, and if your biggest bottle neck at the moment is your service capacity, or your sales conversion, or your systems and people, then focus on those things first. Once you have decided the marketing, and especially digital marketing is of high importance and priority, then it is definitely worth exploring digital marketing as a way to grow your business. If you are on that boat, please reach out to see if we can help.


How much should I pay a digital marketing agency?

How long is a piece of string? This question is quite difficult to answer, and would depend a lot on your objectives, and the necessary strategies that are required to get you and your business to your goals. Good strategies often take careful planning and trained resources to execute. However, there are also some lower service providers that you can reach out to. Just keep in mind that you get what you pay for.


Does digital marketing really work?

Digital marketing works when you have a clear scope and know the clear objectives. Starting with the end in mind, we can then work backwards to develop and effective digital marketing strategy.

Unfortunately, most people don't really have enough experiences in different industries and circumstances to make their digital marketing strategies work in different circumstances. The best thing you can do in your research is to see whether or not the agency you are researching has runs on the board, and that they have plenty of successful case studies.


Why should I hire a digital marketing agency?

First of all, you can definitely try to do all the digital marketing yourself in-house. There is a real benefit in doing it in-house in that, the internal employee(s) will know a lot more about your business and your culture and values.

The downside of trying to do it in-house though, is that digital marketing is a huge landscape that is always changing. It is very difficult to find talent that can stay up to date with all the changes and strategies. As a digital marketing agency, we are providing our 16 years of hands on experience and education, as well as millions of dollars in digital advertising lessons, to give you the most up to date strategies, relevant for your business.

If that sounds like what you are looking for, let's have a chat.



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