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Messenger Marketing Adelaide

Every day it's becoming harder to reach your audience. Social posts often reach fewer than 2% of your audience and email open-rates are decreasing. In an increasingly cluttered digital landscape, Facebook Messenger can help solve this problem. Share personalised, automated and interactive messages with your audience that will receive at least 80% open-rates!

Our Messenger Marketing service provides:

Growth Tools
Clients starting this service often don't very few (if any) Messenger subscribers. Because of this, our Messenger Marketing service aims to increase your Messenger subscribers. This is achieved through the installation of forms on your website, or through paid traffic campaigns on either Facebook or Linkedin. 

Messenger Automation
Save your customer service team time with a series of automated conversations that can answer common questions from your customers over Facebook Messenger. Provide more information about your products or services with a Menu, tailored Welcome Messages and Default Replies. 

Broadcast Messages
Keep your Messenger Subscribers informed with timely and relevant content. Unlike the open-rates of email, Messenger Marketing broadcasts typically receive open-rates of +80%. This poses as a great way to convey important messages to your audiences. 

Fully Backed by our Integrity promise

Marketing is never black and white. Although we are confident that we can improve the chance that your business will be profitable, we can't guarantee this, as there are just too many variables at play.

What we can promise however, is that, when you work with the messenger marketing team at Market Ease, you can expect:

  • Access to 24 / 7 real-time reporting on any metrics that matter to you.
  • Ownership access of all required platforms. We want to build your assets.
  • No lock-in contracts. You're free to leave at any time if you don't see value.
  • Fortnightly strategy calls with our team. Let's work together on this project.

Let's Talk!

If you feel like you can get more from your email database, or if you would like to learn more of about the points mentioned above, let's have a chat. Talk to our messenger marketing Adelaide specialists by clicking on the button below or call 1300 662 990.