Storyboard Marketing

Storyboard Marketing

The foundation of all marketing strategy at Market Ease, is centred on the principle of sending the right messaging, to the right people at the right time. 

Each prospect is different. The actions that each prospect takes on your website and the time that these actions are taken will help determine where they are at in the buying cycle. 

Some prospects may have never visited the website, some might have visited your website several times a week and some might have attempted to purchase or get in contact with you. 

Because of these differences in behaviour and intent, it makes sense that each prospect should be receiving tailored messaging. This is planned and executed through our Storyboard Marketing approach. 

Storyboard Remarketing Graphic

The Storyboard above, is an example of how key messages are scheduled based on a users intent and the time since the last behaviour is taken.

In this example, the Storyboard suggests that most purchases are made within 28 days.

So, to avoid wasted advertising spend in this example, if a prospect has visited your website over 28 days ago and hasn't purchased or taken the next step, they will be excluded from future advertisements.

Examples of how each interest could be defined can be viewed below.

Not Interested (prospects who just bounce the website): This audience is immediately excluded from future advertisements.

Somewhat Interested (prospects who have visited your website several times): This audience knows you can help solve their problem, but they require more information before contacting you.

Very Interested (Abandoned Cart, or Submitted Contact Form): The audience has expressed their interest and have left their contact details. They have taken a small commitment already. Positive affirmation , so that they feel like they have made the right choice.

Happy Customer  We acquire feedback and try to get reviews, provided the customers experience has been good 🙂 

Our Storyboard Marketing service provides: 

Strategy Workshop Session
This session is essential to learn about your business, how you attract and acquire new customers. In addition, this session also shares insight into our philosophies of marketing. 

Audience Research 
Before creating your storyboard or organising a strategy session, in-depth audience research is conducted using the information you have available. I.e., from Google Analytics, Facebook Audience Insights, LinkedIn Insight Tag, etc. 

Storyboard Creation
With an understanding of your business and audience, the team will work to create a tailored Storyboard, relevant to your audience and present this back to your team. 

Fully Backed by our Integrity promise

Marketing is never black and white. And although we are confident that we can improve the chance that your business will be profitable, we can't guarantee this, as there are just too many variables at play.

What we can promise however is that, when you work with Market Ease, you can expect:

  • Transparency - access to 24 / 7 live, real-time, custom reporting on all the metrics that matter to you.
  • Ownership access of all required platforms. We want to build your assets.
  • No lock-in contracts. You're free to leave at any time if you don't see value.
  • Fortnightly strategy calls with our team. Let's work together on this project.

Let's Talk!

If you feel like your advertising messages are a one-size-fits-all, or if you would just like to learn more of about the Storyboard, let's have a chat.