Digital Marketing Workshop

Starting Thursday, 30th August
Your price $1,000 + GST
($500 for each additional ticket*)

10 Week Digital Marketing Workshop (30 contact hours)
Every Thursday from 9am - 12pm



Over these 10 weeks you will learn digital marketing best practices - with an expert focus on Facebook, Google Ads and Website Tracking $1,000 + GST.

Buying Personas

Week 1: Buying Principles & Website Layout.
Thursday, August 30th

Duration: 3hrs

Discover the different principles that influence a buying decision and learn how to personalise your marketing to your customers at different stages of their buying cycle. Optimise your website for maximum conversions. 

Learn how to track your online conversions

Week 2: ​Event & Goal Tracking.
Thursday, September 6th

Duration: 3hrs

Learn how to track the success of your digital marketing campaigns and the actions of your customers. Understand both macro and micro conversions and how they help to lead the customers through their buying journey. 

Week 3: Google Ads Fundamentals.
Thursday, September 13th

Duration: 3hrs

Understand the fundamentals of Google Ads. Learn how to perform effective keyword research, write effective ads, and set up your landing pages for optimal Google Ads performance.

Week 4: Creating Your First Google Ads Campaign.
Thursday, September 20th

Duration: 3hrs

Together, we will create your first Google Ads campaign. Discover the optimal settings of a campaign for different scenarios and how to set your campaigns up for success, for both the search and display networks.

Google Optimised Ads

Week 5: Google Ads Optimised.
Thursday, September 27th

Duration: 3hrs

Learn how to interpret the results of your Google Ads campaigns and optimisation tips to maximise return on investments. Discover your best keywords, placements, best geo locations, days of the week, times of the day and more. 

Week 6: ​Facebook Ads Fundamentals.
Thursday, October 4th

Duration: 3hrs

Learn the fundamentals behind Facebook Ads and how it can support your business objectives. Understand the fundamentals of Facebook Ads, and discover how to leverage the medium to grow your business.

Week 7: Creating Your First Facebook Campaign.
Thursday, October 11th

Duration: 3hrs

Together, we will create your very first Facebook Ads campaign. Learn the optimal settings that contribute to a successful Facebook campaign, and learn how to optimise it to minimise costs and maximise return on investments.

Week 8: Remarketing & The Story Board Marketing Approach. 
Thursday, October 18th

Duration: 3hrs 

Most agencies do remarketing wrong. Learn the right way to do remarketing for your business and how to leverage this model to significantly turn more leads into paying customers.

Week 9: Email & Messenger Marketing. 
Thursday, October 25th

Duration: 3hrs

Learn how to make the most of your email database and make your very own Facebook Messenger Chatbot. Discover a free and effective way of communicating to your database that will increase your customer loyalty and turn more leads into clients.

Week 10: The Latest Trends In Digital Marketing.
Thursday, November 1st

Duration: 3hrs

Digital marketing is a rapidly growing landscape, and Binh is always on top of the latest trends. Learn what's happening in Digital Marketing and listen to Binh, as he shares with you what he thinks will be the next big thing in this area.

Spots are limited. Only 20 seats are available in this all inclusive hands on Digital Marketing Workshop.

Your price $1,000 + GST 
($500 for each additional ticket*)

Binh An Nguyen
CEO, Market Ease Digital

​Founder & CEO of Market Ease Digital, Binh has worked with and has become one of the top digital marketing advisors for hundreds of companies, including Hyundai Motor Company Australia, Subaru Australia, Tarocash, yd. Etihad Stadium, the Australian Federal Government, and even extending as far as the US, having worked on a campaign for President Barack Obama.

He's also shared his knowledge and experiences on stages at business events around Australia, including the CEO Institute, CPA Australia, the Motors Trades Association Australia, The Educate Plus International Conference, and the Marketing and Communications Executives International, as well as locally, for Brand South Australia, South Australian Leaders, Behind Closed Doors, and MedDev SA. His work has been regularly featured on international and national magazines including the Business Review Australia and the Business Review USA.

Binh's profile image

February Jameson
Digital Marketing Manager, Market Ease 

Feb is an experienced Marketer with a career that spans over 10 years. She's a Certified Adwords Professional, a Facebook Advertising whizz and is one of Adelaide's top conversion tracking experts.  Feb has enjoyed the perks that come from working in the cinema industry, rising up to the challenges of working for a startup and being able to wear multiple hats (sometimes 3 at a time). She's worked with brands like MasterCard, Next Gen, NZ Post to smaller businesses looking to expand their businesses.

She's right at home at ME, identifying with the company values as they ring true with her own. As she continues her professional development, she hopes to continue working with Market Ease to make a difference in the digital marketing industry to ensure transparent results are delivered to clients, agencies are accountable and to positively impact the businesses they work with. All the while cultivating and nurturing strong, long-term relationships.

February Jameson

What People Are Saying about Market Ease...


"Market Ease Has Been Able To Generate A Lot More Qualified Leads For Us…"

Market Ease have been able to generate much more qualified leads. Since working with them, we have been able to grow our business and expand.

Justine Milankovic (Managing Director), Finance Funding Australia


"The Business Has Just Skyrocketed…"

“I have seen a 40 to 50% increase in business. Everything has worked out perfectly and I am truly happy.”

Pat Liapis (Owner), Direct Salon Equipment


"Top Of Google For All Of Our Keywords…"

“We are on the first page for all of our keywords and related keywords. Since being with Market Ease, we have received a tonne of business.”

Sean Bridger (Director), Marketing For Gyms

Is This Workshop Right For You?

this is for YOU IF:

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    You're a business owner and want to improve the performance of their digital marketing campaigns.  
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    You're a marketing professional that wants to improve and diversify your digital marketing skill set. 
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    You're a business owner or marketing professional who wants to dominate your industry online.
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    You're a business owner or marketing professional who wants to understand the landscape and hold your digital marketing agency accountable. 

THIS IS not for YOU IF:

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    You're stuck in traditional way of thinking and are not open to learning new things.
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    You're a startup with only an idea for a business, but have nothing set in motion.
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    You're a start up or micro business and do not have budget for online paid advertising. 
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    You're in a business that promotes adult content, gambling or illegal items. The marketing approaches for these industries are significantly different.              
100% Money Back Guarantee - No Questions Asked.

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Access To Our Private Group

A chance to connect and network with like minded individuals as well as industry experts within our exclusive group. 


Office Hours = Market Ease Digital Team Access

You will have access to the Market Ease team throughout the workshop duration, during standard work hours.


Digital Marketing Booklet

Our Digital Marketing Workshop booklet which will contain tips, instructions, exercises and space for you to take notes.


Don't just learn digital marketing fundamentals; execute them.

Register for this hands-on workshop now for only $1,000 + GST and $500 for each additional ticket*. 


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