The Importance of Unique Content in Your Online Strategy

The Importance of Unique Content in Your Online Strategy

Adelaide SEO contentThere is a common saying in the world of internet marketing and search engine optimisation — content is king. You’ll hear it often.  It’s true for several reasons.

  1. Content tells search engines how to rank your website and therefore what sort of traffic to send you.
  2. Content can help you compel readers to take action. That action could equate to growth and success for your business.

Quality optimised content is vital in the online world. It used to be that people would stuff the content they wrote with the phrases they wanted search engines to rank them for. And it often worked.  But over time the search engines realised that to keep people using them, they needed to be sure that the results they provided people with were good results.  Search engines continually tweak their ranking methods to help them ensure that they will provide the sorts of results that will keep people using them.  That’s one of the reasons why unique content is an important part of your online strategy.  If you don’t write enough unique content, you won’t stand out and won’t get organically ranked. If you don’t write good content, you may initially get rankings but they won’t do much for you in terms of helping you acquire new customers.

Unique and quality content matters!

  1. Search engines won’t give as much attention to content that is strewn about the web all over the place as they will to something unique.  When content is repetitive, Google (for instance) tends to ignore it and will instead rank something else that’s relevant to a search string.
  2. People want unique content. If they read something unique, there’s a greater chance of them acting on it.
  3. The more unique your content is, the more chances you have of ‘ticking all the boxes’ so to speak, when search engines compare your pages against other online pages on similar topics.

Is Non-Unique Content Ever Ok?

If  a piece of your content goes viral and is mentioned and quoted often, this could be good. Your site could be viewed as an authority if it’s often quoted and people link to it on their site, in their blogroll, and on social media sites. If something goes viral and excerpts are posted with links back to your site, this is also a good thing as it will drive search engines and humans to your site. If you syndicate something and many sites pick it up and link back to you, (such as with a press release) this is also ok because it can drive traffic to your website and can provide substantial marketing benefits, too. The thing is that it’s ok to have the occasional bit of non-unique content so long as the majority of what is your on site and off site content includes is unique and relevant to your subject matter and so long as it is also valuable to the reader.

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