SEO AdelaideIf you want to succeed with SEO, a blog is a great way to gain significant traction. How do you make sure you succeed with your blog? Here are some tips:

  1. Check your permalink structure. If you have a structure, you’re not going to have results as good as
  2. Add category names. Not only will they help you with SEO but they can also help your visitors find posts that interest them.
  3. Write keyword rich titles. Search engines pay attention to the titles of your blog posts as an important factor in deciding how to categorise the page. Don’t force a keyword in if it doesn’t look natural because that could prevent readers from clicking to read but if it can fit, squeezing a targeted keyword phrase in is a very good idea.
  4. Add photos and name them. Search engines will look at the name of your photo and measure it against your topic. If it’s relevant, it could gain extra points. Don’t forget to name the alt image tag as well. Search engines can’t see what the picture is but if you tell it, for the purposes of displaying the name to people who may be unable to see the photo, this gains extra points from an SEO perspective too.
  5. Do intrasite linking. If you link from within blog posts to other sections of your blog, this provides additional SEO power. It also gives readers a place to click deeper within your site, which can help you get closer to making a sale with them.
  6. Link to your blog from outside sources. Social media, press releases, blog comments on other relevant blogs, article directories, and other places pointing to your blog can help you drive traffic and search engine rankings.
  7. Measure your traffic. Look regularly at your traffic reports to determine where traffic comes from and what it does when it arrives on your site. The act of analysing traffic will help you continually fine tune your blogging strategy so that what doesn’t work can be adjusted and so that what does work can be replicated.

Blogging can be a powerful tool in your SEO arsenal. Here at Market Ease, we know how to do blogging in a way that will help you. In fact, we know how to do SEO in general. Talk to us about your site and your goals and we would be happy to help you formulate a great plan. We’re an Adelaide SEO company that has helped many websites dramatically boost their results quickly.

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