Safe Ag Systems is a South Australian company that offers a software-based solution to help farmers manage their health and safety compliance. 

By law, every farm business in Australia is required to have a safety system in place which would typically involve a lot of time and effort on top of the already large workloads of farm owners.

Safe Ag Systems offered a solution that solved a lot of those issues and needed a way to effectively get their software in front of farmers.

The Problem:

They had attempted multiple different approaches to market their software through traditional channels such as trade shows and publications, but these didn’t prove to be effective for their business. 

Having never run a digital marketing campaign before, Safe Ag Systems sought out our expertise on how digital marketing can help them systemise and scale their business. 

That was almost 3 years ago. Since partnering up with Market Ease, Safe Ag Systems have had huge success in getting qualified leads in Australia at an optimal cost, which has allowed them to systemise their marketing strategy and expand their services overseas. Here’s how:  

The Solution:

One of the main contributors to Safe Ag Systems success is the continual testing and optimisation to improve results.

Throughout the years of working with Safe Ag Systems, we have tested everything from different advertising channels, down to the different elements of our ads such as ad copy, images, landing pages, keywords, audiences, and the list just goes on. 

Not everything we tried worked, but the one consistent success factor was that; through testing, we were able to learn what things worked and performed better, and implement those learnings into future strategies. 

With each time, our learnings and data would improve and we would eventually have a really good understanding of our target market. With this,  we were able to create effective campaigns that would bring in increasing leads every time. 

Another major contributing factor that we quickly learnt at the start was that the Safe Ag Systems website was not converting traffic very effectively. A lot of the relevant traffic that we were driving to the website would either bounce or not convert. 

This was because a lot of the campaigns we were testing were based on specific services that their software offered such as machinery safety management or record keeping, but their website lacked the tailored information that farmers seeked when they clicked on an ad about that specific service. There was a disconnect in relevancy. 

Creating individual landing pages with tailored content to services increased the conversion rates of our marketing campaigns because the information was highly relevant to what users who clicked on our ads were looking for. 

The Results:

Within two years of working with Market Ease, Safe Ag Systems were able to increase the conversion rates of leads year on year, almost doubling the number of leads to the previous. 

Having gathered so much data over the years, we have been able to quantify the data and create a systemised marketing strategy. 

Knowing how much it costs to get a qualified lead,  our campaigns are optimised to drive that cost down in order to maximise our spend that will allow us to scale. 

With the huge success in Australia opened up the opportunity to expand the company globally. We have now started to expand to new countries including New Zealand, United Kingdom, United States & Canada. 

Feedback From Katy, The CEO Of Safe Ag Systems

Katy Landt

Co-Founder & CEO, Safe Ag Systems

“We have been working with Market Ease for a couple of years now and they have been a great contributor to the success of our business. Digital marketing was an area that we were initially anxious about; however, Market Ease were quick to convince us otherwise. They were committed from the start on getting to know our business and have given us so much guidance on the direction we should take with our marketing, but also our business as well. 

With the support of Market Ease, we have been able to put a quantitative figure on a qualified lead which has allowed us to systemise our marketing strategy. In the past year alone, our leads have increased by 47% compared to the previous year. We are now getting many more leads, at an increasing conversion rate and decreasing cost per acquisition than ever before. 

Since working with Market Ease Digital, we have expanded globally to other continents such as the United Kingdom and United States.”

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