Digital Expansion Program

The Digital Expansion Program is an amplification of the Digital Leverage Program (we recommend learning about our Digital Leverage Program first).

The points below will help you know if the Digital Expansion Program is right for your business. 

This Is Right For You If:

  • Your business is willing to invest in its online presence and performance.
  • Your business has a team of more than 10 people.
  • Your business generates more than $1Mil per year.
  • Your business has a growth mindset and will allocate more budget to campaigns, if it sees a positive return.
  • Your business has strengths and USP's valued by your prospects.
  • Your business has run, and benefited from, some sort of digital marketing campaigns in the past or currently, but are hitting a plateau.

This Is Not Right For You If:

  • Your business is a startup, still in the testing phase.
  • Your business generates less than $1Mil per year.
  • Your business is limited by your capacity to deliver, including a lack of proper processes and a good team.
  • Your business has a limited budget to invest in online paid advertising.
  • Your business is slow to react to new changes in its industry.
  • Your business does not need the additional amplified benefits, unique to this program. 

The following benefits provided in the DLP are amplified for this service: 

Your Audience Is Treated As The Marketing Channel
Rather than specialising in one channel and recommending this solution for every client, the Digital Leverage Program provides support on the following platforms and includes the benefits specified on each page. 

Digital Expansion Amplifier
To amplify your traffic, this program also incorporates our Gmail ads service, our Youtube ads service, our Bing ads services, as well as our SEO service.

We also amplify the value of your traffic with our Conversion Rate Optimisation service.

The Right Message Is Sent To The Right People At The Right Time

As mentioned, each user is different. The actions that a user takes on the website and the time that these actions are taken will determine where a user is at in the buying journey.

With an understanding of your business and audience, the team will work to create a tailored Storyboard, relevant to them.
Discover how Storyboards are created here

Digital Expansion Amplifier
To amplify the way in which you communicate with your audience with the right message, at the right time, this program also incorporates our Email Marketing service and our Messenger Marketing service.

Complete Conversion Tracking Set-Up 
Conversion tracking is essential. To ensure that the performance of each channel is measured and recorded, conversion tracking will be set on Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager and each specified channel.

Digital Expansion Amplifier
To amplify the insight from the data that is collected, our Data Scientists will work collaboratively with your team.

Fully Backed by our Integrity promise

Marketing is never black and white. Although we are confident that we can improve the chance that your business will be profitable, we can't guarantee this, as there are just too many variables at play.

What we can promise however, is that, when you work with Market Ease, you can expect:

  • Transparency - access to 24 / 7 live, real-time, custom reporting on all the metrics that matter to you.
  • Ownership access of all required platforms. We want to build your assets.
  • No lock-in contracts. You're free to leave at any time if you don't see value.
  • Fortnightly strategy calls with our team. Let's work together on this project.

Let's Talk!

If you feel like your business is ready to expand online, or if you would like to learn more of about the points mentioned above, let's have a chat.

Got more questions?

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