seoIf you’re looking for free SEO tools to help you succeed online you’ll find a lot of options out there to take advantage of. The more you learn about the world of SEO the more you’ll have an opportunity to rank well and get organic rankings.

There are tools that can help you find out what you are currently ranking for, what your audience might be searching for, tools that can help you look up keywords for your industry, tools to help you optimise your website, tools for pay per click advertising, meta tag generation, duplicate content discovery, and more.  You’ll find free tools for SEO as well as premium tools (many of which could be well worth the price).

Yes, there are many tools out there and maybe you are already using some of them, but do you know how to really leverage them for the potential of your site?  It’s not easy to stay abreast of all of the continuing changes in the world of search engine optimisation. DIY SEO isn’t always easy — especially when you have a business to run. That’s why it’s important to consider the following:

  • Continuous learning about SEO is important. New info is regularly released, search engines tweak their algorithms, and staying informed about the industry will help you do well in your niche.
  • Continuous checking of your site statistics is vital. Knowing what you’re ranking for, what your visitors are doing on your page, and who is linking to your pages is important. Regularly reviewing your website traffic reports is important.
  • SEO management can be a part to full time job. Regardless of how many free SEO tools you use you have to have time to take action.
  • Beyond checking your site statistics you need to act on them. Action can help you fix problems, address concerns, and can help you capitalise on what’s working well so that you can take advantage of what’s working as well as correct what is not working helps you maximise the potential of each visitor that arrives on your site.
  • Continually adding fresh and valuable content to your site is important. If your site is doing great today, that’s good. But if you don’t keep creating new content you’ll start to lose traction.
  • Know your limitations. You may be great at one element of SEO and web development but not so great at another area. Where you need guidance and help, get it.

Want more tips about SEO? We regularly post about SEO topics here at Market Ease. We don’t just talk the talk, though. We also walk the walk. We’re an experienced SEO company who helps our clients leverage the power of the internet and SEO.

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