SEO tipsOptimising a website involves a lot of different factors. Finding the right keywords to drive traffic to your site is just one of the. It’s up to you to research all the various components of an e-commerce website that uses SEO to its maximum advantage. Here are a few more areas that require research before building an online presence that enhances your bottom line.

Competitive Analysis

Part of any business plan, a competitive analysis is an essential component of figuring out where to position your business in the marketplace. Finding out who your competition is, and how many of them you are up against, are just two of the vital pieces of information necessary to create an effective internet marketing plan.

Take the time to visit the websites of your competition. Take note of what they’re doing right – and what you would do differently. Use a free online keyword analysis tool such as Google AdWords to determine what keywords they are optimising and use that as the basis for further research on competitive clicks.

Market Analysis

Just as important as knowing what other businesses are currently in the marketplace is finding out how many customers are willing to purchase your goods or services. Is there a need for another business providing what you offer? And if so, is there a particular niche you can fill in a market that is currently under-served?

While you are researching the viability of your business, take the time to do an in-depth analysis on the demographics of your target market, too. Learn who they are, where they live, what they do for a living, and how much they are willing to pay. Find their pain and then address it through your marketing materials. Offer a solution to a problem or simply the next must-have item, depending on what it is your target market is seeking.

The information you gather doing a market analysis is essential for developing an effective marketing plan. You wouldn’t want to attend a festival for kids, for instance, in order to sell automotive accessories. Find out who you are selling to and how best to reach them.

Marketing Research

One last thing that should be considered a vital component of business research for an e-commerce website is determining how to best enter the market and capture leads that convert to sales. This might involve the use of an opt-in box on your home page with auto responder sequence or perhaps a video message posted online with a link to a unique sales page. It’s difficult to know what approach will work best until you research the market for your goods or services and examine consumer behaviour patterns.

When your website first goes live and you are officially in business, how are you going to drive traffic and then convert it to sales? That’s not always an easy thing to figure to out. You may decide to start with standard advertising methodology, such as a Google Adwords PPC campaign, but until you delve a bit deeper and figure out the right words to use and the right demographic to target, that’s a shot in the dark.

Starting an e-commerce business that becomes successful isn’t as easy as simply figuring out which keywords to use. Study the marketplace and your competition in order to find your niche and its appropriate target market then use the information to develop a website that sells. Need help? Market Ease is a SEO company in Adelaide with a primary goal of helping customers succeed online.

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