stick_figure_drawing_flow_chart_2108There was a time in the early years of the internet when people entered a seemingly innocent query into a search engine’s search box, only to find that often undesirable items were retrieved and included in the results. As the internet grew and expanded, so too did the ability to more effectively filter the results, and retrieve the most appropriate information and content. The refinement of search engine algorithms in recent years, and, more particularly, in recent months, has had a great impact on the strategies used by those who provide search engine optimisation (SEO) services.

SEO, Custom Content, and Algorithms

What lies behind the “search” box on internet web browsers is, and will remain, a mystery to most people. All they want when they enter a search query is the return of useful information – a reasonable expectation.

For the benefit of the more inquisitive population however, the results that are delivered are determined by constantly-changing algorithms set in motion by the popular search engines, like Google. Experts in search engine optimisation (SEO) know how to implement strategies that can improve these results for their clients, while, at the same time, work within these parameters to deliver premium SEO services.

One of the main areas upon which SEO and algorithm retrievals are based is the use of targeted keywords in website content that is related to the businesses, products, and services. By ensuring websites have custom content, including articles, that creatively use laser-targeted keywords in relevant context, both SEO objectives and search engine algorithm requirements are met.

Copy length and keyword density are critical factors when creating written content. If copy is too lengthy, website visitors may not read through to any ‘call to action’, or worse, click away from the site. If the targeted keywords are over-used in the copy, the search engines alarm bells will ring, and the relevant page, or site, may be pushed down in the search rankings and retrieval list.

Custom content is most effective as an SEO tool when written to sound natural, using targeted business and industry-related keywords, without over-saturation.

Search engines, such as the omnipresent Google, are continuously revising and updating its algorithms to intercept and block websites oversaturated with keywords.

An Area For Experts: SEO Constantly Evolves

SEO strategies and search engine algorithms are continually evolving, and, as a result, search engine optimisation experts must be attuned to these changes.

Business owners may know how to successfully operate in their industry. However, when it comes to website design and maintenance, they will likely need the professional assistance of an SEO firm that is committed to staying up to date with changes in this dynamic area.

It is critical that business owners who are planning to contract a web design organisation or SEO services specialist ask to see portfolios and verifiable recommendations to ensure their consultant can demonstrate their expertise.

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