You are sure to get busier as your business grows. Things are bound to get hectic and you might be tempted to let your search engine optimisation efforts fall short. That, however, would be a big mistake that costs you both time and money.

Here are just some of the things that might happen if you neglect regular SEO for your website.

Slip in Ranking

Although it is important for SEO, it’s difficult to keep providing fresh content for your website. You might be tempted to forgo updating your blog for a month or fail to read your website statistics and traffic reports as you focus solely on sales. Unfortunately, that can have a big, negative impact, especially if your competitors are still adding new content to their sites and watching their stats. Chances are their rankings will stay steady (or move forward) while yours slips a bit. The last thing you want is your website to appear on page two rather than on page one for your most important search terms.

Social Media Slide

Another area that many business owners find difficult to keep up with is social media posting. You might have a Twitter account, Facebook page, LinkedIn profile, Pinterest account, YouTube channel, and more. How do you find time to post on each of them on a regular basis? If it starts to become overwhelming, you might find yourself failing to post new updates – and you might also find your number of followers and/or fans slipping. Without something new to catch their interest, your social media buddies are likely to quickly jump ship. It will require a lot of time to get them back – if they ever come back at all.

Viral Void

When you post good quality content, you increase its chances of going viral. People naturally wish to share the good stuff with their friends – and that’s a great way to benefit from organic SEO. But if you quit interacting with others on YouTube, for instance, and fail to post any new videos for several weeks, your chances of any content going viral are slim to none. It’s not enough to post one funny video to get potential clientele talking; you must follow it up with additional content to keep them engaged. The same holds true for photos on Pinterest or podcasts on your iTunes channel.

When it comes to search engine optimisation, slow and steady wins the race. It’s better to keep providing new, engaging content a bit at a time than to dump a lot of content into your website and social media accounts but not have the time to keep up that pace for the long run. Rather than neglecting your SEO efforts, focus on one or two at a time and keep it steady for best results.

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