Almost all businesses have seasons when business is booming and seasons when things slow down a bit. Businesses that supply construction equipment aren’t often as busy during the cold months of winter. Retail businesses, for the most part, are busy during the months of November and December and around certain other “spending” holidays. All-in-all, all businesses have peaks and valleys in their sales forecasts throughout the year. During the slow periods, you might think it’s pointless to invest in SEO. But, you shouldn’t let the slower months, sales-wise, throw you off your SEO efforts.  In fact, instead of flipping the switch on your SEO campaign to turn it off, it might be a great time to rev it up instead.  Slower periods are a great time to gain ground — particularly if your competitors are tapering off their SEO campaigns.

Here are just a few of the reasons why.

SEO in the Off Season Keeps You Ahead of Your Competition

The truth of the matter is that most of your closest competitors are taking their eyes off the Google SEO ball during the slow months. They have other things they’re turning their attention to and most of them are allowing SEO to slide. They don’t believe it’s that much of a priority. This gives you the entire slow season to get out ahead of them and build a history of solid SEO results that they’ll have to compete with when they decide to get started again.

Search Engines Don’t have an Off Season

It’s true. The Internet is a 24/7 entity. The search engines don’t slow down simply because you’re not producing as much or making big sales. They will, however, notice that your SEO efforts have slowed down and some of them may decide this means that you’re no longer in business or that you’re not worth indexing. The last thing you want is for the search engines, any of them, to stop directing traffic to your site.

Staying on Top of SEO means that You’re Keeping up with SEO Changes

Every once in a while the major search engines, especially Google it seems, will throw out a very large curve ball to their search engine algorithms. These curve balls take time to overcome even for sites that have been keeping up with their SEO efforts. For businesses that haven’t been, they can find themselves months behind when they do return to their SEO duties—not to mention the time that’s lost trying to figure out and catch up on what they should be doing now instead of what they were doing before. It’s a huge blow to businesses that aren’t on top of things. You never want that to be your business.

Keeping up with your SEO practises is the only way to stay ahead of the competition and on top of the search engine results pages. You can’t take time off from these efforts simply because it’s a slow season for your business or you might find that things are slower still when your busy season comes around.

Let us worry about your SEO so you don’t have to.  Talk to Market Ease, an SEO Adelaide company, about your SEO challenges and your business goals so we can help you get ranked precisely where your target customers are looking.

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