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Ways to Give Your Content Viral Potential

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When your content goes viral it can do great things for your website traffic levels. The more visitors your site gets, the more potential you have of building an online following. The larger your following, the more potential for leads and sales.  It’s not easy to get your content to go viral. How do you […]

Tips to Make Sure Your Blog Actually Helps Your Business

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If you try to keep up to date on good online marketing strategies you probably know that business blogging is highly recommended.  It helps you with SEO, it keeps your website fresh, it provides great interactive elements for visitors, it feeds social media marketing initiatives, it helps you build your brand and reputation, and the […]

The Importance of Unique Content in Your Online Strategy

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There is a common saying in the world of internet marketing and search engine optimisation — content is king. You’ll hear it often.  It’s true for several reasons. Content tells search engines how to rank your website and therefore what sort of traffic to send you. Content can help you compel readers to take action. […]

Content Tips to Get Attention and Convert Readers

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Your site or online store needs content and that content must be updated on a regular basis for best SEO results. But the type of content you post is also important. Your pages might be bringing in lots of traffic because the articles are informative and entertaining, but are they converting readers into customers? If […]

How to Write SEO Content That Doesn’t Sound Like SEO Content

SEO content will do more for your website if it doesn’t read like SEO content! Chances are you’ve heard the adage that when it comes to website optimisation, it’s all about the keywords. You’ve probably been counselled to provide written content for your website that revolves around your most important keyword phrases. But, if done […]