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7 Recent Facebook Changes You Need to Know About

Facebook Changes

The sheer volume of changes in social media in terms of rules, guidelines, policies and best practices can be utterly overwhelming. Unless you enjoy tracking changes in service agreements and privacy policies, chances are you aren’t always up to date on all the latest news at Facebook headquarters. So that’s why I’ve put together this […]

Is Your Social Media Strategy Interactive Enough?

We regularly talk about how great social media can be for a business of any size. Not only can it help you attract new clients but it can also help you continue to keep the existing relationships you have going.  But if you’re not using it interactively it might not be all that effective for […]

Social Media Marketing – Timing is Everything

In social media marketing timing is important. Here’s some valuable free advice: There’s not only an art to good social media marketing, there’s also a science involved. That science is based on the study of consumer habits and helps businesses like yours determine the best times, the best topics and the optimal intervals for posting […]