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Business blogging is a popular method of boosting your SEO rankings but it’s also a great way to boost the success of your relationships with customers as well as your reputation in general. Here are some tips to help you make the most of your business blog:

  1. Don’t just write fluff. Make sure you write valuable content. Your content isn’t just going to be read by search engines. It will be read by customers and potential customers, too. Think about your audience when writing blogs. What will they want to know about? What can you do to help them understand your company (so they will have faith in buying from you)? A variety of types of blog content can help.
  2. Use social media to bookmark your blogs. This can drive traffic to your blog and can help you get more blog readers.  Social media links could drive new traffic to your website and that traffic could translate to sales.
  3. Use your blog to drive traffic to your social media accounts, too. Add social media widgets to your blog’s sidebar so that people will see how to follow you on your Facebook page, Twitter page, Pinterest account, YouTube channel, and etcetera.
  4. Publish blog comments (the valuable ones, not the spam, of course) and respond to it.  This will drive more traffic and will help you establish your company as one that wants relationships with customers.
  5. Use your blog to share company and industry news.  It doesn’t all have to be promotional. You can slip keywords in and write with strategic SEO elements but you can also use it as a place to showcase that you are a source of useful info about your niche.
  6. Write a variety of types of posts.  A good range of text, video, and graphics can help you appeal to a wide audience (and the right approach will do good things for your search engine optimisation, also).
  7. Review blog traffic reports regularly. These will help you determine where your traffic comes from and how it reacts to your content. This info can help you continually boost your blog’s success from SEO and marketing standpoints.

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