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Providing EzLicence With The Green Light To Expand Interstate

Picture of Driving Instructor and Student

In October 2018, the team conducted a complete digital audit for EzLicence.EzLicence is a true South Australian success story. If you haven’t heard about them yet, you will soon. They’re an online platform, similar to Uber, that matches learner drivers with driving instructors. At the time of the audit, EzLicence were spending $100’s each day on digital […]

7 Tips For Improving Your Website Conversion Rate

Speed Up Your Website

In the expanding world of the internet and the businesses trying to exploit it and digital marketers trying to exploit those businesses.Likes, followers and traffic are all buzzwords used in modern day digital marketing.But, unfortunately, these vanity metrics are unlikely to grow your Piggy bank.Likes are just likes and followers are just… followers. However, if your digital marketing […]

The Complete Digital Audit [Valued At $990]

Digital Marketing Audit

Digital marketing changes daily.Facebook constantly reviews their interest targeting, Messenger is booming and Youtube is now the second highest search engine behind Google. Speaking of Google… They’re now speeding towards artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, in each Google Ads adgroup now, Google actually recommends that one of your ads is a Responsive Search Ad (which is […]

3 Top of Funnel Targeting Options You Probably Don’t Know About

Funnel Picture

 The marketing funnel is a fundamental marketing concept. It depicts the process of a prospect turning into a customer.  Like a funnel, marketers use a broad scope to capture as many prospects as possible, and then nurture them through the funnel with relevant, tailored information to the point where they are at the bottom and ready to […]