Adelaide SEODo you have aggressive goals for getting your website’s marketing list to grow? Here are some tips to try that could boost that opt-in rate:

  1. Know your audience. Think about who you want to opt-in so you can formulate a plan of action.
  2. Get on social media. Not only will this help you point more links to your website (great for SEO!) but it’ll also help you build relationships with new prospects, too. Facebook and Twitter are two great places to start.
  3. Make sure your opt-in box is above the fold of your site and prominently displayed.
  4. Play with language. Maybe create different landing pages so you can measure which ones work best. Play with squeeze page design as well so you can measure a few different types of opt-in boxes.
  5. Offer something free for an opt-in. A free report or e-book that appeals to your visitors will help start a new relationship with them.
  6. Check your SEO keywords. How are people landing on your site? Knowing which phases bring them to your pages will help you craft the right approach to get their opt-in on each page.
  7. Add your opt-in link to off site content like articles, guest posts, and press releases. Press releases can get great exposure and widen your marketing reach.
  8. Tweak the design of your site. Work with a web design company who specialises in high converting designs.
  9. Make sure your pages aren’t too distracting. Too many ads and too many distracting graphics will detract from your opt-in box. You want it to be prominent enough that your visitor will spot it as soon as they land on your page.
  10. Add a recommendation link on your newsletters to help others recommend your newsletter to their friends and their social media following.
  11. Be great at what you do and others will want to recommend that people sign up for your list.
  12. Run a targeted pay-per-click campaign on Google Adwords or on Facebook to drive traffic to your landing page.
  13. Do a CPA (cost per action) campaign to get others to promote the benefits of opting in to your site. You pay a small cost per opt-in but that cost could translate to a highly profitable marketing mailing list.

There are a lot of actions that can be taken to rev up those opt-in rates. Not all of the above techniques will work for every single business model but it’s true that there is definitely a lot of money to be made from a big marketing list so it’s worth your efforts to try to build a targeted profitable list. Contact us for a free SEO site audit and we’re happy to help you enhance your website’s ability to help you reach your business objectives.

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