Adelaide-PPC-ConsultantPay per click advertising through Google is one of the most popular ways to advertise online. Google gets your ad seen by people across a wide spectrum. You can have ads displayed on search engine results screens, on Google Adsense participants sites, blogs, and busy community forums, and you can have your ad displayed within someone’s Gmail, too.

Pay Per Click Tips:

But with the high cost of pay per click ads, it needs to be handled delicately so you know your money will be wisely spent. Here at Market Ease, we have helped many clients succeed with pay per click campaigns. We can’t tell you too much (unless you choose to work with us, of course) but here are some things you should know before you start a pay per click campaign:

  • Those who know what Google is looking for from an SEO standpoint can do a better job at succeeding with pay per click. We recommend SEO and pay per click together for optimised results.
  • Don’t simply jump in head-first and try out a campaign with a free Google Adwords coupon. You don’t have to simply use it to test the waters; you can use it to jump start a profitable campaign. If Google gives you a $100, $75, or $50 Adwords coupon, don’t take that as a ‘free’ trial to dabble in PPC. Instead, carefully apply proven PPC principles to it so you can hit the ground running rather than using the coupon as an experiment that you’re expecting to fail. You could, conceivably, start in pay per click and generate profit before you have to spend any money at all!
  • Be flexible with your PPC budget. Setting $5 a day might not get you very far. Setting a budget of $1000 a day isn’t necessary either but be prepared to spend a bit of time and money testing out your market so that you can fine tune your strategy. Track your results so you can allocate future budget to PPC ads strategically.
  • Do a good deal of keyword research and some split testing. These two elements are the cornerstone of successful pay per click advertising.
  • Strive to achieve a high Google quality score. This is where SEO knowledge can come in handy. A good score will get you better ad placement and cost you less. It’s also based on proven strategies so it will increase your chances of having pay per click success.

 Need help with pay per click or SEO?

Good luck with your pay per click strategy. If you want help, we offer PPC consulting services and can provide a PPC advertising consultation.


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