January 3


colored_puzzle_connection_9893Internet marketing and SEO are constantly adopting new strategies to stay ahead of the competition in their markets. One new tactic Internet marketers are increasingly using is crowd sourcing.

Why Crowd Sourcing?

Crowd sourcing in online marketing is essentially a low-cost, high-impact method of market research that takes ideas and pitches them to the public via social media and other means by which people connect online. This form of marketing has two primary benefits:

– Information gathered from public reaction to questions or posts made to social networking sites can provide you or your marketing team with valuable information about how to better craft your products, services or marketing messages for more targeted appeal to your customer base.

– Interest generated from the questions posed on Facebook or Twitter will draw more interest to your business website as they’re posted and reposted throughout various social networks. The buzz can result in a spike in traffic to your business website and a higher search engine ranking.

Targeted Crowd Sourcing

The great thing about using social networking in crowd sourcing is that you can use the access controls on social networks to aim crowd sourcing questions to very specific demographics. For example, if you wanted to pitch an idea at engineers, you could use tools available on Facebook to limit the exposure specifically to those who identify as engineers, and can further limit to age groups, geographic locations and the like.

By aiming a post at specific target groups, you may be able to get more feedback from authority sources of information and also generate interest among niche groups whose interest your business seeks.

Call In The Pros

A professional Internet marketing company can help make crowd sourcing a part of your online strategy. Online marketing professionals constantly track evolving Internet marketing trends such as crowd sourcing, allowing them to stay ahead of the curve in providing their clients with the best online marketing tools currently available.

Using their experience in marketing, online marketing professionals can ask questions tailored to spur interest, and sift through the results to help you find the way forward for your marketing operation. Information from research utilising techniques such as crowd sourcing can then be leveraged in specific SEO strategies to generate a high return on investment for your business.

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