With a staggering 157.4% financial growth In 2018, PixelForce has been ranked as one of South Australia’s top fastest growing companies.

In fact, this success placed PixelForce as a runner-up in the Fast Movers program - where they were rewarded with a complete digital audit and a free month of our Digital Leverage Program - valued at $3,300+.

Excited to gain momentum, PixelForce opted to use their Market Ease Award Prize right away. After an initial meeting, a complete digital audit was conducted.

Complete Digital Audit

After learning about PixelForce, their ideal clients and their current marketing strategy, a complete digital audit was performed across their website and digital channels to ensure they were communicating the right messages, to the right people at the right time.

Their website, website tracking, Google Analytics, Google Ads account & Facebook Campaigns were all audited.

From this, three key opportunities were identified to further improve their marketing strategy

  • Set-up correct web tracking, through Google Tag Manager, to track the user journey on the website. This will enable PixelForce to more accurately measure their marketing efforts and make more informed decisions with the results.
  • Personalise the advertisements on Google Ads & Facebook, to match what the user is interested in and/or looking for. At the time of the audit, all of their unique services were promoted through one campaign.
  • Continue the conversation with website visitors by remarketing back to them with personalised communication - maintaining the salience of the PixelForce brand. 

Web-Tracking, Google Ads and Facebook… Oh My!

Once these findings were presented back to PixelForce, we were instructed to fix them. This is what we were able to achieve.

Because the complete user journey was not yet tracked, the team created a list of essential Macro Conversions and Micro Conversions.

  • Macro Conversion: The most important part of any sale procedure on any website.
  • Micro Conversion: Provide a broader view of a website visitor’s behaviour and intent.

By measuring the key website conversions, sales and form submissions in this case, in addition to key button clicks on the home page which demonstrated interest, we would then be able to objectively determine which advertisements are working better than others.

This is also great to identify bottlenecks in the buyers' journey on the website. For example, advertisements may not be generating sales, but they ‘could’ be getting users to download your brochure.

With the macro conversions & micro conversions set and tested, more research was conducted to learn the top user search terms with Google’s Keyword Planner and interests with Facebook’s Audience Insight Tool.

This information quickly identified that the account structure of both their Google Ads and Facebook campaigns were wrong.

Users looking for Service A, were very different to users looking for Service B. And so, these users should be communicated to differently, with their own tailored advertisements.

Based on their unique behaviours, campaigns were created to solely target either User A or User B, never both.

This also allowed advertisements to direct users to web pages that were more relevant.

To remain salient in the minds of consumers who were not yet ready to commit to a purchase after interacting with an advert, remarketing campaigns were created through Facebook Business Manager.

These remarketing advertisements were centred on educating the user about the benefits of their services and then sharing testimonials and case studies of happy clients who have experienced it

The Outcome

After the month time-frame, the results were reviewed. This was the outcome...

By providing more personalised advertisements, the PixelForce team were able to acquire the same amount of leads and sales at 44% of the original cost - saving $35,000!

To this day, PixelForce is still benefiting from their prize.

Not only are they able to make more informed decisions with the additional information they now collect, but the same adverts are now acquiring clients at 25% of the original cost. No changes have been made.

Hinney Lo

Managing Director, PixelForce

As a runner up for the Fast Movers Awards 2018, we were awarded one month of free service with Market Ease. We had several meetings with Market Ease over the award period with opportunities to optimise and improve our business marketing strategies along the way. Working with Market Ease has been extremely beneficial to our business as we now have a greater understanding of where our marketing should be heading and how we can keep on improving it over time. 

As a result of the one month free service offered by Market Ease, we saw an immediate 44% savings on our ad spend without any sacrifice on leads and sales. This translates to a $35,000 savings on ad spend for the year, all from the 1 month free service, kindly offered as the prize package. And this is just scratching the surface... We look forward to working with them in the future to improve the campaigns even further.

This year, Market Ease is offering the same prize to all Fast Movers Awards winners. If you happen to be one of the lucky winners, make sure you take advantage of the prize, as it could be an extra $35,000 in your pocket for doing almost nothing.

Passionate about supporting South Australian businesses, we strive to help SME's get the best return they can from their digital marketing. If you feel like your digital marketing efforts can be improved, or even if you are unclear on what return you are getting from your digital marketing efforts, contact us today. 

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