Wellness & Lifestyles Australia is an Adelaide based company delivering mobile allied health care services to aged care facilities all around Australia. They’ve been able to grow substantially over the years, winning major business awards, and capturing a good share of the market. In the first 3 years of working with Market Ease, we were able to assist them in their journey of tripling their revenue using digital strategies. Here is a sneak behind-the-scenes peek of what we did, and how we were able to achieve these results.

1. Be Found…

The very first piece of the strategy is to make sure that W&L are found online whenever potential clients, talent, partners or media are looking for them. To do this, we introduced a combination of SEO, Google Ads and facebook Ads to the marketing mix to be sure that they are always on top of mind when prospects are searching for their services. In fact, through SEO alone, we were able to get 1000’s of page 1 rankings for W&L within that first 6 months.

2. Attract Talent

With plenty of work coming in, one challenge that came up was that they were finding it difficult to attract the right talent for the job. In order to address this issue, we ran an online marketing campaign to get them listed on the front page of Google for all allied health job related search terms, eventually beating job sites like SEEK and CareerOne for these terms organically on the front page of Google. We also interviewed current employees to describe what it meant to be working with W&L and turned these into online videos for the recruitment area of their website. Prospective future employees were able to watch case studies, videos of the therapists’ typical day at W&L, as well as learn and understand the culture and values that exist in W&L as a company.

The result? According to CEO, Nick Heywood-Smith, it was the first time in 7 years, that they no longer need to actively seek out therapists anymore. Instead, the therapists were coming to them to apply from their website. Watch the video below as he describes the process.

3. Build Authority

One thing that was clear and obvious when we spoke to W&L is that they are extremely knowledgeable in their field. They held IP that was very powerful and relevant to their industry. We decided to extract all this IP from their heads into consumable digital content. This was used as a form of education marketing, through online videos, and digital e-learning modules.

Couple this with being on the front page of Google for almost every word imaginable in their industry, W&L were able to quickly build credibility and was soon regarded as the authority in their industry.

4. Build Partnerships

With authority and credibility came a lot of partnership opportunities. W&L integrated offline and online channels together to build partnerships through a combination of national trade shows and expos with online education. This resulted in huge partnerships with large respected organisations such as RDNS and more.

5. Email Marketing

We ran a series of monthly newsletters as well as pre-launch and soft launch email campaigns, which was designed to educate the marketplace and also to build authority. Multiple 30 day campaigns were built, allowing them to build rapport, credibility and partnerships within the industry.

The Result:

Watch Founder and CEO of W&L, Nick Heywood-Smith, talk about the results 3 years into the campaigns. They’ve grown even further since, and have won major contracts and business awards as a result.

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