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Inbound Marketing Helps Your Site Get Found and Helps You Develop Relationships

Creating a website isn’t just about making an online brochure that will help people who visit your website find out what you do and how you can help them. It’s also about marketing to those people to get them to your site and help you build a relationship with them.

It’s great if you design your website to be a great tool that supports your outbound marketing efforts but strive to make building your business website around creating an effective inbound marketing strategy. Website owners who leverage inbound marketing techniques can get more website traffic and can ensure that they maximise the potential of turning that traffic into customers. Many people don’t respond to pressure tactics to sell to them. But with inbound marketing, you use your website to help people find you and this makes prospective customers feel more in control.


Optimising your site to get attention by search engines is the #1 way to help people find you. There are many facets of search engine optimisation (SEO) that need to be taken into account but the design and layout of your site, the keyword optimisation, and frequency of updates are major keys to the right approach. Good keyword research, effectively designing a well laid-out site, and regular site updates are going to bring potentially interested traffic to you without the heavy costs of a paid search engine advertising campaign.


PPC can be very valuable and profitable but while per click marketing can be an effective marketing method it is an outbound marketing technique. SEO helps people find you so is an inbound marketing technique. Search engine optimisation efforts bring traffic to your website by search engines recommending that your site could meet their query. This can bring people to your site with less skepticism than via a sponsored advertisement and helps you attract more buyers who are already primed to buy.

Social Marketing

Social marketing creates many inbound marketing opportunities. By being present and prolific on social marketing sites, people could find you, find you interesting and then click over to your profile and click on your website URL where they will find interesting content. People will also share your updates with others who may also be prompted to visit your website.


By creating blog posts, you are using inbound marketing in a highly effective way. Blog posts get found by people searching for information. They also provide great material for social marketing. And search engines like blogs because they’re very easy to crawl for search engine indexing purposes. Blog posts are great for relationship development because many visitors can be prompted to subscribe to future updates.

Developing Your Inbound Marketing Strategy

A well-designed site and a well-designed and well-executed inbound marketing strategy can help you move forward with goals and potential outcomes in mind. Be sure to regularly visit your strategy so you can be sure you’re doing all you can to attract customers to your site and build great relationships with them.


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