SEO is a smart thing to do for your website. It can help you help Google and the others figure out what sort of web traffic to send to your pages. But if you try too hard, you could miss the forest for the trees, so to speak. Here are some of the potential pitfalls those who try too hard with SEO face:

High Traffic / Low Action

Do you get traffic but fail to get them past the page they land on? Not only might your SEO focus be being approached in the wrong way but you could soon lose that traffic because search engines will quickly notice that no one stays for more than 0.3 seconds and will divert the traffic they’re sending you to someone else. Continually work to ensure that those who arrive find what they’re looking for and take action.

You Spend Too Much Time Analyzing SEO

If you spend all your time focused on SEO alone, you could miss out on other options for building your business. Paid marketing, relationship building, social media, and other areas count, too. Search engine optimisation isn’t the only way to get traffic. Yes, it’s a good way but if it encompasses all of your time and doesn’t bring you the results you’re hoping for, maybe it’s time to diversify your efforts.

Too Much of a Keyword Focus?

If there’s too much of a keyword focus, there may not be enough of a readers’ experience focus. Are you trying to get a thousand keyword phrases into each page of content you publish on your site? Think about the reader experience first and then optimize the content for a few keyword phrases that fit. Don’t risk loss of the reader’s attention with poor quality content or a bad website design.

Yes, SEO is important. It can be a great way to get your site seen by people who could buy from you. But the right balanced approach is important and will result in striking the right balance between search engine optimization, user experience, and quality that brings both of them (search engines and site visitors) back repeatedly.

Market Ease is an Adelaide SEO company who can help you. Contact us at 1300 662 990. We can do the SEO heavy lifting to help you find the right balance and help you maximize your site’s ability to get traffic.

(photo: Sachyn)

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