June 8


Does SEO feel like a mountainous climb? Having trouble keeping up?  Here’s some advice:

SEO is more challenging than ever for some people. It’s not an easy code to crack. And it’s not easy to keep up with the constant sweeping changes.  That’s why it’s wise to follow the below SEO tips:

Don’t take victories for granted

If you are succeeding in getting plenty of converting organic traffic, go ahead and congratulate yourself but don’t rest. Capitalise on your success so you can milk it for all you can. Be careful that you don’t do anything unethical, of course, or you could be blacklisted but if you find a sudden surge of great traffic, do all you can to keep that traffic coming.  Don’t rely on just one source of traffic. While enjoying the fruits of your labour, look around for other ways to get more traffic, too.

Get some help

SEO isn’t easy to manage when you have a business to look after. Don’t hesitate to get some professional SEO help so that you can focus on your day to day operations while continually boosting your traffic levels. Do take the time to choose the right SEO company. Not all companies know what they are doing and not all of them operate ethically so shop around!


A website shouldn’t rely only on SEO for success. And, don’t just work on trying to make friends with Google alone.  Add in email marketing, video marketing, pay per click advertising, Facebook or other social media ads, and social networking activities, too. A multifaceted approach will help you develop multiple streams of traffic and income.

SEO is meant to be challenging.  It may be like climbing a mountain but remember…the view is great from the top!

Google doesn’t want it to be easy to game the system. Don’t give up, though. It’s worth the effort. The right continuous approach and the right strategy could make your job of SEO simpler.

Need help? Market Ease is an Adelaide SEO company who can help make sense of SEO.  Contact us for a meaningful conversation.

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