Adelaide SEOWriting website content with good search engine optimisation elements can make a big impact on how likely your site will be to get seen in search engines.  Search engines look at various elements on website pages to help them ascertain the best way to categorise the page.  A strategic SEO content writing strategy can be very helpful in getting your website noticed by your customers.  Here are some tips to help you:

Tip: SEO writing is important but quality should come before keyword density!

  1. Keep keywords in mind when writing. Don’t make keyword optimisation the only goal when writing SEO content but do pick a few words to carefully seed into your content so that people searching for those words have an opportunity to find your site.
  2. Make your content interesting. SEO content that’s only about keyword density will quickly get dismissed as spam both by search engines and by people that happen to read it.
  3. Link within the content so that people who want to learn more can be directed someplace else within your site. This will also help with SEO efforts, too.
  4. Format website content to make it easy on the eyes. Also format it to be readable by search engines. Suggestions to achieve this include using bold subheadings, H1, H2, and H3 tags, and tagging. Tags include topic tags and image tags. Tags are helpful for search engines to determine what your content is about.
  5. Make sure there are good SEO elements on each page. Pick a good page URL structure that uses the title instead of just a post number. Add categories so search engines and people will be able to find what they need. Name the images on the page so that search engines will know that they are relevant to the topic at hand. Be strategic in completing all of these field and in choosing good words and phrases to be able to be matched with searchers looking for those topics.

SEO content isn’t just good for your site. It’s good when placed off the site pointing back to your web pages. A good ongoing content creation strategy can do great things for your website! Need help? Market Ease  is  a SEO Adelaide service provider who can simplify the complexities of SEO for you.

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