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Don't Break SEO Rules!

Trying to recover from Google Penguin?  Sick and tired of all the algorithm updates that send your site plummeting into a free fall? Maybe you need to stop breaking the rules. SEO rules aren’t necessarily 100% black and white but there needs to be a constant eye on your site so that you can act appropriately and there are some common sense suggestions that need to be followed, too.

The SEO strategy you employ needs to be done with care and precision so that you are able to operate in a way that brings results while you also minimise the risk of being in jeopardy at all times.  Remember the following SEO guidelines and you’ll be in a better position:

  1. Content is always going to be king. Write quality content that’s written for people more than for search engines and search engines will react favourably. Search engines look for clues about quality when deciding how to rank your site’s pages.
  2. SEO success happens when optimisation happens on individual pages. Pages are ranked, not entire websites.  Don’t just optimise the home page and think your work is done.
  3. Not all SEO services are worth paying for. Sure, you may have gotten a quote from someone who spammed you to tell you that you can buy 1000 quality backlinks for $10 but that doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Do your homework about buying quality services.
  4. Make sure the left hand knows what the right hand is doing. Your SEO company (if you have one) is probably working on a specific timeline and strategy. Don’t mess up the flow of things by adding or changing things on your site without discussing this first with your SEO consultant.  Make sure your staff understands this as well. Many companies who work with good SEO specialists still have problems because they take it upon themselves to make changes without discussing the potential ramifications of those changes with their SEO company.  Your SEO company can only be held 100% accountable if they are in full control.
  5. One optimisation method is not enough.  One type of SEO activity alone will not be enough to help you climb the ranks of search engines and will not be enough to help you sustain results.

The above isn’t a complete list of best practices for SEO but gives you an idea of the fact that guidelines need to be followed in order to maximise your chances of ranking well. Talk to us at Market Ease, SEO Adelaide specialists who can help you rank well  on a consistent basis, regardless of  Google updates.

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