Using a web silo structure as part of your SEO strategy can have a very positive impact on your website’s results.  Organising web content in a specific way can serve you well both with search engines and with your site visitors. Read on for some information about why this is a good approach to online marketing and for examples that can help you see how important planning is when determining your site layout and your keyword strategy.

SEO Silos and Logic

Search engines look for logic when crawling website pages. By organising your site in a logical fashion, you increase the chances that search engines will understand what your pages are about. This logic can help them send the right traffic your way. The right traffic increases your chances of turning that traffic into profit.

Visitors and Website Navigation

People also look for logic when looking at your website. If they don’t find things easily, they might not stay. By organising your content in a silo structure, you increase the chances of converting website visitors into customers.

SEO Silos = Relevance and Conversion

The longer someone is on your page, the better your chances of converting them from a visitor into a client. The longer someone is on your page, the more relevant the search engines deem your pages to be as well. That relevance can translate to more traffic being sent your way via organic SEO.

When optimising your site for SEO purposes, consider the layout of your site. Consider using a range of related keywords on each page, too. SEO research and strategic integration into high quality text makes a difference. Devising a silo approach also helps you build a strategic way of continually increasing your SEO success.

Search engines look at latent semantic indexing and how words relate to one another to help them determine how relevant your content is to your niche. Keyword research can reveal great opportunities to rank for specific words and phrases and can reveal the right approach from a silo perspective. Doing keyword research can help determine a great SEO silo strategy.

Silo / LSI Examples:

A site that sells Apple computers needs to make sure they rank for Apple computers, not for the fruit of the same name. Silo structures are around phrases related to technology, rather than food.  Someone searching for phrases related to apples might be looking for a pie recipe or might be looking for a notebook computer. Search engines look at more than just the word Apple for this reason so that they don’t send someone typing in “apple pie recipe” to an Apple computer store.

Here at Market Ease we use a very detailed approach when helping our customers design their sites and optimise for search engines.  We consider silos when we do your on page optimisation and when we help with link building, too.  In taking a systematic approach to  page names, URLs, meta data, image optimisation and overall page optimisation, we help you get  traffic and get new customers. Contact us for a consultation.

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