Facebook MarketingThere’s a reason so many big brands use Facebook for a huge chunk of their marketing — it offers a large variety of ways to connect with and market to your target customers.

Does your business have a social marketing strategy that includes Facebook? Social media can do a lot of good things for your site.  Facebook Likes, for instance, can do a lot of great things. I you’re not working on marketing via Facebook, you could be missing out on excellent opportunities to find more customers, get more referrals, and to have more long term relationships with repeat customers.

1)   Facebook Likes give you repeated access to people in a way that’s less prone to being judged harshly than many other online marketing methods. When people login to Facebook, they could see your updates in their timeline.  If you play your cards right, your updates can be interesting, intriguing, and effective but without being too overbearing. Because people can stop and click or skim past, they are less likely to unsubscribe than someone getting other forms of communication from you. Over time your presence in their lives can help build many sales and networking opportunities.

2)   Facebook interactions bring new visitors. When someone who ‘likes’ your Facebook page or likes or comments on one of your status updates, their network of friends sees that interaction. Facebook is a site that feeds curiosity and nosiness. People who see their friends or family interacting with your brand may come and see the page, too, to see what interested their family member. Those visitors could become followers and customers too. And then when they interact with you, their network could follow just as they did.  The viral potential is huge! The bigger your list of ‘likes’ gets, the more people are interested in you. People want to know what the fuss is about and tend to follow others who have developed a decent sized following.

3)   Certain ads and activities can have great potential with Facebook, too, including the word of mouth referral type (which is one of the best converting types of marketing). Some ads are set up to show people that their friends are already fans of yours. Seeing that their network is interested in you is like an implied referral to a lot of people and they are more likely to check you out when they see others in their network have liked you, too. This can help you ads have better ROI for you with more conversion rates.

4)   Facebook offers many different opportunities to interact such as letting you place links, photos, polls, and videos. All of these activities could help you nurture relationships with your target audience as well as help you with direct opportunities to sell. It’s definitely a multifaceted way to interact with and market to others.

Others can link to your page and there are many outside sites and applications that can make use of Facebook, too.  Your blog visitors can hit the like button from your blog and their Facebook friends can see the activity without the action even taking place on Facebook. It’s no wonder that so many different companies market on TV and in print ads with their Facebook URL displayed more prominently than their own website URL. By striving to build your audience on Facebook you create ample opportunities to grow and nurture customer relationships.

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