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The Importance of Web Design for SEO

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Organic search results at Google are determined by an algorithm containing hundreds of factors which measure various website qualities which its search engineers deem important for users. In its Google Webmaster Guidelines, the giant search engine reveals that its primary objective is to provide the most relevant results and best site experience for its users. […]

Understanding the Role of Web Design in SEO

Search engines rely on various factors of an algorithm for ranking web pages. While the hundreds of factors in an algorithm are generally kept confidential, search engines such as Google admit that the primary objective of its algorithm is to provide the most relevant search results and best user experience. Web design, therefore, can contribute […]

Top Reasons to Hire Web Designers in Adelaide

Web design is one important component in web marketing and it involves a lot of tasks to accomplish. There are a lot of web designers out there which you can hire but not all of them could deliver the results you wanted. Web designers in Adelaide have the right combination of knowledge, talent and experience […]