Deliver It Group is one of South Australia’s largest and fastest growing transport companies, offering specialised individual logistic solutions from start to finish. 

In 2019. Deliver It won the BDO’s FastMover’s award for fastest employment growth receiving one month free of our Digital Leverage Program as part of their prize.  

With the fast growth of the business, the transport company was looking for ways to improve their leads and was keen to explore how digital marketing could help them. 

Transporting goods is what Deliver It Group is best at, but they were delivering this service on two fronts. There were a lot of calls for one-off and ad-hoc delivery jobs, but they knew that ongoing contracted jobs are where the most growth potential and opportunities are! 

Deliver It needed a way to effectively reach people looking or needing specialised transport services on an ongoing basis, particularly within the commercial sector. 

Since partnering up with Market Ease, Deliver It has seen an amazing increase in website enquiries and have even received large commercial contracts from some of the biggest supermarket chains in Australia. Find out how they did it below:

What We Did

Google Ads

Through a Complete Digital Audit of the business, we quickly identified that Google Ads would create the perfect opportunity for Deliver It to reach people searching for the services that they offer. 

Initial keyword research identified that the search volume for courier services in SA was large and could potentially bring in a lot of business; however, due to high competition on keywords, we concluded that in order to maximise our limited budget, it would be further effective to focus on keywords that were more specific to the niche nature of Deliver It's services. 

Short-tail and generic keywords such as ‘courier services’ or ‘delivery services’ are highly competitive and can cost a fortune to bid for; so, we narrowed our keyword targeting down to potentially 1400 searches each month on niche terms such as ‘refrigerated transport couriers’ and ‘commercial transport Adelaide’. By focusing on keywords that are more specific, it allowed us to reach people with higher commercial intent for what Deliver It offered, and since these keywords were not as competitive, it also made them much more cost effective to bid for. 

Website Friction

Through reviewing the Deliver It Group website, it was identified that there were some critical areas that could be improved in order to maximise the performance of paid campaigns and increase conversion rates. 

Humans are impatient by nature, especially online. If something is too hard, we will leave and try another. A classic example we are all too familiar with is when visiting a website that is too slow to load, most of us will leave without hesitation and click to a competitor website. Over many years of browsing thousands of websites, we as users have developed behavioural expectations on what a ‘good’ website is to us. We expect it to load fast, we expect to get the information we need instantly, and we expect it to be a seamless experience. When there are elements that make it difficult such as slow speeds, clunky design or just poor content layout, it becomes friction; making us more inclined to leave and try another website for a better experience. 

We strongly emphasised on the importance of having a user-optimised website as, at the end of the day, the client can run the most effective campaigns and bring in the most relevant traffic to the website, but if a user does not convert to a lead, then the system fails. 

Website Content Optimisations

There were two main points of friction on the Deliver It website that was identified upon our initial audit. The content was very text-heavy which potentially made it difficult for users to navigate without having to read through slabs of text. And, a lot of the content was written about the company itself rather than to the users. These are very common and easy mistakes that we see a lot of businesses make. 

Users typically look for two main elements upon entering any site. The first is relevance where we justify if we are in the right place based on how relevant the content is. E.g. Does it communicate the solution to our specific problem(s)? This is the reason why we have come to the website in the first place. Once this is effectively communicated, the user's focus shifts to credibility where we justify if we are making the right decision. This is where content such as the company’s history, employees, awards, customer testimonials etc. would be effective. 

Deliver It’s content highlighted the company very well and showed that there was a lot of credibility;  however, it was important that they communicated their service and how it solved their prospects problems first before talking about themselves. For example; a prospect visiting the website for the first time would want to read about what specialised transport solutions Deliver It offered and is it going to help them solve their transport problem(s) before wanting to read about how many employees and trucks the company has. 

Using the AIDA formula framework, we worked with Deliver It to restructure and optimise their content, tailoring it to pique what prospects are likely to want to read at each stage of the AIDA funnel process. This involved capturing attention with clear headlines and images, piquing interests by highlighting information relevant to the user such as solutions to their problems and the features and benefits of Deliver It's services, before justifying desires with content about the business that they already had. This made the website easy to navigate and users were able to get the information they needed instantly, increasing it's conversion rates. 



The Results

Upon running Google Ads campaigns on Deliver It’s newly optimised website, leads came in immediately. Within the first month, they had already received over a dozen leads, from which one was a national chain that offered a commercial tender worth over $2M

Within 3 months, they saw an increase of 110% in overall leads generated compared to their previous period. In addition, Deliver It had also received commercial contracts from some of the biggest supermarket and retail chains in Australia; worth well over a quarter of a million dollars. The combined value of all leads within the first 3 months would total to over $1 million, all from only spending $2000 on ad spend. Talk about a return on investment!

This came as a result of the niche targeting of keywords which brought in qualified commercial leads that the company had been seeking. Traffic to the website increased by 130% in which Google Ads attributed to 65%+ of that overall traffic. The user-optimised website also resulted in the increased conversion rate of 20%. 

Deliver It are now almost at maximum capacity and are looking to further expand their fleet of trucks as more ongoing work comes in. 

Matt Draper

Managing Director

“We have had a wonderful experience working with Market Ease and are very impressed with the amount of knowledge and experience that they have within the digital space. They provided very valuable recommendations which not only helped us build a strong digital marketing strategy, but gain momentum on the exact type of work through commercial and business-to-business leads that we were after.

Since partnering up with Market Ease, the results have been amazing! The website has been receiving consistent enquiries and within 3 months of running our campaigns, we had a total combined leads value of over $1M and are completely flat out with work lining up by the day."

- Matt Draper, Managing Director, Deliver It Group

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