Maggie Beer and her team are passionate about great food, delicious recipes and their growing Food Club Community.

With the increased online engagement from their loyal Food Club members, and with restrictions tightening in 2020, due to the pandemic, the Maggie Beer Products team were determined to expand their digital presence and amplify their online sales.

We were introduced to the Maggie Beer Products team by Purple Giraffe (thanks, Lynda and the team!).

After determining their needs and conducting further research into the industry, it was identified that our Digital Expansion Program service would provide the most value.

After collaborating over the past year now, these are a few of the key strategies that have contributed to Maggie Beer Products receiving a "significant increase in Return on Ad Spend (ROAS)". From these results, they "now have the confidence to invest more money in digital marketing to grow our business further".

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Sharing Delicious, Seasonal Recipes

hot cross buns recipe image

Generating a positive return is always the goal for our clients. Especially when the client provides clear sales targets.  

However, this does not mean that the focus of each advertising campaign needs to be sales orientated. 

In fact, businesses who provide the most value to their audience, in the long-run, will win (but you probably knew that already).  

As Maggie Beer Products had no shortage of educational, engaging content, there was a clear opportunity to leverage this content to engage with new prospects.

An example of this, can be seen through our 'Seasonal Recipe' Facebook & Instagram campaigns. 

By working with Maggie Beer Products, key recipe's were identified that received high volumes of organic traffic and engagement - that were relevant for the current season that we were in.

With these seasonal recipes, we created Facebook Carousel Ads, which allowed users to swipe through and see multiple delicious recipes. 

Maggie Beer Recipe Facebook Ad

If someone was interested in a particular recipe and clicked through to read more, the products sold at Maggie Beer Products, that were used in the recipe, featured at the end of the recipe page. 

Products Featured In Maggie Beer Recipe

Despite not having a clear 'Buy Now' themed message incorporated into the advert messaging or the landing page, this 'Seasonal Recipe' campaign continues to be one of our best performing.

Leveraging Remarketing

Maggie Beer Recipe Scone With Apricot Jam

The benefits of remarketing can be better understood by reading our case study.

However, despite the benefits of re-engaging with 'warm' prospects, there was opportunity for Maggie Beer Products to do this better. 

After learning more about the user journey from the Maggie Beer Products team, we helped create many tailored remarketing advertisements, based on where the user was at in the buying cycle.  

So if a user watched a 'Cooking with Maggie' video, joined the Food Club, and even if they abandoned their shopping cart, we created tailored ads that were tailored to their behaviour and needs. 

Promoting & Leveraging The Food Club

Maggie Beer Food Club Video

Did you know that you get 20% off your first order when you join the Food Club?

There's actually a tonne of benefits for joining. You get a monthly email from Maggie, access to the newest recipes & promotions and also free shipping when you spend $80 or more.

All of this provided, just by subscribing to their Food Club (which is free to join).

Again, like the 'Seasonal Recipe' campaign mentioned in this blog, we wanted to provide as much value to new prospects as possible - and ask for the least amount of commitment.

However, there was still one problem that we needed to also overcome with this strategy.

Mailchimp suggests that the typical email open-rate for the 'Food' industry is approximately 23% (this doesn't necessarily reflect the Maggie Beer Products results, but, it provides you with some context).

With a portion of their Food Club community not opening any emails, Maggie Beer Products could continue to communicate with these prospects on Facebook and Instagram - so that these community members don't miss out on the newest promotions and messages from Maggie.

Feedback From Chantale, The CEO Of Maggie Beer Holdings

Chantale Millard - CEO, Maggie Beer Holdings

Chantale Milllard

CEO, Maggie Beer Holdings

“We started working with Market Ease in April 2020 and since then they have helped us achieve significant growth in our e-commerce business and social media presence. The Market Ease team are fantastic to work with, with their hands-on approach, accessibility, and extensive expertise. We have worked with other digital agencies before, but Market Ease have spent the time to get to know our business and its goals – they now feel like they are part of our team!

I love that they are always monitoring our campaigns, tweaking when required and that we get regular reporting and communication on campaign performance.

We have seen a significant increase in our Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) and they achieved the targets we gave them in only a couple of months. We now have the confidence to invest more money in our digital marketing to grow our business further.

Discover more Success Stories from businesses that Market Ease have helped grow or explore our Services and Contact Us on how we can help grow your business.

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