are passionate about great wine.

They write about it, they judge it, they travel for it and they also drink it. 

It all started about 20 years ago, when the Managing Director, Mark Pradun, found that many of his regular customers would call up and say:

"Mate, just put a dozen red together for me and can you drop it off on your way home?"

Inadvertently, this was the birth of their direct wine sales model and they haven't looked back since. You can read their story here. 

With 20 years of experience selling direct to their customers, weren't strangers to advertising online.

In fact, they were already managing their Facebook Ads & Google Ads campaigns profitably and their email campaigns were already exceptional.

However, the team didn't have the time and resources to continuously test new audiences and strategies online. 

Leveraged Remarketing

People Chinking Wine Glasses

According to Wunderkind, 70 - 96% of website visitors who abandon a website will never return again.

Because didn't have any remarketing in place, if new website visitors didn't purchase on their first visit, it was very unlikely that they ever would in the future.

This presented a huge opportunity. 

By mapping out the user journey in a Storyboard, we helped create many tailored remarketing advertisements, based on where the user was at in the buying cycle.  

So if a user browsed a product category, if they added an item to cart, or if they were engaged subscribers, we created tailored ads that were relevant to their behaviour.

These tailored remarketing campaigns, soon became their most profitable.

Growing Email Database

Mac In Wine Cellar

The team at obviously possess great knowledge of wine, but they also are very creative and talented copywriters as well. 

The combination of both industry knowledge and copywriting talent equals a fantastic newsletter.

There were no surpises then, when we saw how profitable their email marketing campaigns were.

However, the only thing preventing them from acquiring more revenue from email, was the size of their list.

Although there was no real scope to provide our Email Marketing service for, we did identify an opportunity to further grow their database.  

Facebook & Instagram campaigns were made to target new wine enthusiasts, incentivising them to subscribe through Facebook Lead Ads - You can see Facebook's example of a Lead Ad below.

Jasper's Market Facebook Lead Gen Example

We then integrated these Facebook & Instagram campaigns with their Email platform (with the help of Zapier) and since then we've helped acquire over 1,000 new subscribers.

Seamless Integration

Insert Image

Through strong collaboration with (shout out to Adam), we worked together to provide a seamless integration between Email and Social marketing. 

Although there were many cool and quirky things that we were able to do, I will just introduce the 'Win-back' campaign. 

Defined by Active Campaign: The 'Win-back' campaign is a series of targeted and personalised emails sent to lapsed customers.

So, when a customer wouldn't purchase or open an email after 180 days, the user would be subscribed to a sequence of tailored emails.

However, if the user hasn't opened an email in 180 days, it is logical to assume they may not open any of the Win-back sequence emails either.

So, whenever someone would fall into this segment 'not opening an email or purchasing within 180 days', we would dynamically add them to a Facebook & Instagram 'Win-back' audience.

This provided with other avenues to reach their lapsed subscribers and be able to re-engage with them.

What we found was, this campaign didn't just help re-engage lapsed subscribers, but it also encouraged them to purchase again!

Wine For Thought ~

After working with for over a year, I can honestly say it has been our pleasure.

They're an incredibly friendly team (who gift you free booze), which has made collaboration effortless.

Combining their marketing and industry knowledge with our digital marketing skillset, has lead to fantastic results. After reviewing their campaign performance during the end of the financial year, this is what Mark had to say: 

Mark Pradun

Mark Pradun

Managing Director

"I have loved working with Market Ease. They're a team of digital marketing specialists who value transparency, hard work and are results focused.

From January to now (July 2020), the revenue from our digital marketing efforts with paid traffic has increased by 338% and our return on advertising spend has increased by 114%. So far this year, we have managed to yield a $20.40 return on every dollar spent on online advertising.

Needless to say, we are absolutely thrilled with the results and have decided to ramp up our investment and focus into digital marketing moving forward, as it has had a much better return compared to our previous traditional marketing approaches. We have complete trust in Market Ease's ability to help us with this."

- Mark Pradun, Managing Director,

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