It shouldn't be a secret that providing a great user experience is key to any marketing strategy. 

In fact, for Big Screen Video, improving their user experience reduced their average cost per lead from $582.7 to just $16.77.

With improvements to the Big Screen Video website, Google Ads Campaign and Facebook Advertising, prospects were able to find the information that they needed to commit to a consultation. 

What specific changes have helped Big Screen Video drastically reduce their cost per lead acquisition? Continue reading to find out.

Improving The User Experience On The Website

Big Screen Video

When we optimise a website to convert at a higher rate we apply this thinking:

“What action/s do we want a user to take and is it easy for them to do so?”

We also take into consideration that if we are wanting a user to take a particular action, does it make sense for them to do so? I.e., Is it going to enhance their user experience.

When reviewing the user experience for Big Screen Video, it was clear that the user would be looking for information and a or a way to get in contact when directed to service specific landing pages.

These pages were not structured well. The user was expected to have to vigorously search for the information they needed which lead to less time spent on the website and a very low conversion rate.

Knowing this information, it was really important that the text on the page was structured in a way that captured the user's attention and kept them reading until they were ready to either download more information, view FAQs, send an enquiry or make a phone call.

By rewriting the text, following the AIDA formula, relocating the contact form and moving the ‘Brochure” and “FAQ” button to appear above the fold, we immediately saw a huge jump in overall conversions as prior these were hidden in the footer, making it harder for the user to complete an action.

These simple changes may be small but the impact they make to a business is massive.

Improving The User Experience With Google Ads

An LED Scoreboard to amplify an electric home stadium, a large LED screen that improves the atmosphere of a venue and an outdoor LED promotional billboard all have a very different purpose.

Each of these LED screens are also likely to be searched by different people, who are in different positions and in different industries.

Therefore, the search terms for each of the three LED screens mentioned are likely to be very different - but, we quickly identified ways to tailor their Search Ads to better address the diverse needs of their clients.

We achieved this in three steps:

  • Accurate Conversion Tracking: With the website now optimised and the desired actions all tracked as goals in Google Analytics, we imported these metrics into Google Ads months before we started to review the account. This provided a greater insight into the relevant search terms that clients were using when looking for a Big Screen Video service. 
  • Account Simplification: With the right conversions imported into Google Ads, the account was able to be reviewed, based on its conversion data. It was found that similar high converting keywords could be grouped into their own, unique, adgroup whilst, conversely, poor performing keywords could be added into their negative keywords list. 
  • In Market Audiences: Whilst reviewing the account, it was also identified that it was not utilising In-Market Audiences as observations to refine their targeting. By increasing the bid adjustments for higher converting In-Market Audiences, the bids for top converting keywords were far more competitive in the google bid auction. Allowing these ads to appear higher in the search rankings. Conversely, bid adjustments were also decreased for users far less likely to be interested in LED Screens.

Remarketing With Facebook Advertising 

Facebook Ads

Due to the length of time it takes for a prospect to take to such a large commitment, Facebook remarketing was implemented to help Big Screen Video maintain brand salience with those who have previously visited the website.

Rather than creating one standard Facebook remarketing campaign for every website visitor, a more personal approach was implemented.

A facebook remarketing audience was created for each Big Screen Video Service page. So, if a visitor visited the LED Scoreboards page, they would be placed in the LED Scoreboards Audience.

Or, If a prospect  visited the Hospitality page, they would be placed in the LED Hospitality Audience.

By segmenting prospects into different audiences, we now remarket back to each audience with unique messages that resonate with their unique needs.

A prospect considering investing in an LED scoreboard will want to see different information than a prospect that may want a new LED screen in their venue

Hear from the Big Screen Video's Business Development Manager. 

With accurate conversion tracking, a website designed for the user, a tailored Google Ads campaign and an effective Facebook remarketing campaign, Big Screen Video's user experience drastically improved.

Those searching for an LED screen were provided with the right information in the initial advert.

Once they clicked through, they were directed to the right page, with the information they needed presented in-line of the AIDA formula (to capture their interest an then eventually lead the client to take an action).

With a Call-To-Action always visible on each service page, a phone call or free consultation was just a button click away.

How did these changes impact the business?

Hear from the Big Screen Video Business Development Manager.

Hannah Priebe-Clarke

Business Development & Marketing Manager

Working with Market Ease has been a great experience. Their team are easy to work with and are our go-to experts when it comes to digital marketing. 

Within only the first 30 days into the campaign, we saw our cost per conversion drop by 97.1% from $582.70 per conversion to just $16.77 per conversion. Considering our average transaction value is $50,000 per sale, this is a great result! Not only this, but the number of conversions have also increased significantly, and it is still improving to this day. We are getting consistent leads coming through, and our sales team are very happy with the quality of the leads.

I have no hesitation in recommending the team at Market Ease to anyone looking to improve their digital marketing strategy.

If you would like to learn more how you can further improve your businesses experience, please get in contact with our team for more information.

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