Digital marketing changes daily.

Facebook constantly reviews their interest targeting, Messenger is booming and Youtube is now the second highest search engine behind Google.

Speaking of Google... They're now speeding towards artificial intelligence (AI). In fact, in each Google Ads adgroup now, Google actually recommends that one of your ads is a Responsive Search Ad (which is centred on artificial intelligence). 

With all of these changes (and more coming), what has typically worked in the past is not guaranteed to work now. Which is why it is so important to routinely audit your digital marketing efforts.

Do you have the time to routinely learn from the latest blogs, newsletters, podcasts and posts? 

If your answer is no - then  it's likely that your business would extremely benefit from a digital marketing audit and learn from those who do.

...What is a Complete Digital Audit?

At Market Ease, a Complete Digital Audit is a comprehensive document which outlines EVERYTHING that your business has done, or should do digitally.

The audit aims to clearly display  opportunities for improvement, that is structured in a way for easy implementation.

Market Ease Complete Digital Audit

Although the audit structure varies for each business, clients often find the most value when we review the following elements:

  • Account Settings: Often, minor account settings are limiting the effectiveness of your digital marketing efforts. Have you checked your Google Ads campaign to see if your content is not being displayed near 'Tragedy', 'Sensitive Issues' or 'Suggestive' content?
  • Campaign Performance: If your campaigns are performing better than expected (or worse) we are able to help you identify the influential elements that attribute to the campaigns performance. ​​​​
  • Audience Targeting: By reviewing the highest converting in-market segments and custom affinity audiences in Google Analytics, we can objectively help identify who are the most profitable customers.
  • User Experience & Storyboard approach: It shouldn't be a secret that providing a great user experience is key to any marketing strategy. By optimising your advertising strategy to deliver the right message, to the right person at the right time, you will see greatly improved results.
  • Account Optimisations: Typically, 50% of an advertising budget is wasted. Choosing to invest your marketing budget during the highest converting times of day, in the best converting post codes and on the highest converting devices, will ensure less is wasted.
  • Artificial Intelligence: With over 10,000 data points collected from each user on Facebook and Google, the machine learning on both platforms is becoming extremely sophisticated and powerful. Today, campaigns should be created to incorporate and test artificial intelligence for budget adjustments, keyword research and ad creative.
  • Conversion Tracking: This is arguably the most important element of your digital marketing strategy. If nothing else, ensure your conversion tracking is set-up correctly, regardless of the digital channels you are using. Do you know the exact financial return of your advertising budget? Do you know the exact definitions of your set 'Conversions'? 

...Is this right for MY business?

Although we can't guarantee the same results, for $990 we can guarantee the same audit process that was used to help both South Australian businesses, PixelForce and Big Screen Video receive significantly improved growth. 

Big Screen Video Logo

"How Adelaide Company, Big Screen Video Cut Their Cost Per Lead Acquisition Down By 97% In Just 30 Days."

PixelForce Logo

"How PixelForce Used Market Ease's 2018 Fast Movers Award Prize And Saw An Immediate 44% Improvement ($35,000 Value)." 

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Celebrate with South Australia's 2019 Fast Movers, with an updated digital marketing strategy.

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