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How We Provided EzLicence With The Green light To Expand Nationally

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In October 2018, a complete digital audit was conducted for EzLicence.

EzLicence is a true South Australian success story. If you haven't heard about them yet, you will soon.

They're an online platform, similar to Uber, that matches learner drivers with driving instructors.

At the time of the audit, EzLicence were spending $100's each day on digital advertising, reaching learner drivers in Sydney, providing work for over 70 driving instructors.

Today, EzLicence spend $1,000's daily on digital advertising and have expanded their service offering into Melbourne, Queensland and Perth, with plans to continue expanding in the future. The team now partner with over 400 driving instructors Australia-wide.

In addition to the grit and determination, displayed daily by Simon and the EzLicence team, 3 key strategies were identified in the complete digital audit that were pivotal in providing this SA business with incredibly fast growth.

This article will explain the importance of each of these 3 key strategies.

1. Tracking Metrics That Count

No, EzLicence weren't focused on tracking vanity metrics (phew).

But, their Google Ads account was only reporting on one 'Micro' conversion in the buyer journey, which is the first step a learner driver would typically take when landing on the website - entering their postcode, to see if their area is serviced. 

Printscreen Of EzLicence Homepage

Although this is an important action to track, it shouldn't be the only action that is tracked and reported inside of Google Ads.

The Metric 'Purchases', is an obvious action that should have been tracked - As we could then learn which keywords and which ads are providing EzLicence with new learner drivers.

But, there were also other actions that on the website that demonstrated greater levels of intent that weren't currently being recorded.

By tracking actions such as, when someone views a driving instructor or when someone visits the payment details page we were able to make better decisions on keywords and adverts if they didn't yet receive a purchase. 

After the audit, we helped EzLicence put measures in place that recorded each step of the buyer journey.

2. Organising & Grouping 1,000's Of Keywords

Opening one Google Ads campaign and finding 1,000's of keywords grouped together can be daunting (let's just say I was lucky that I wasn't drinking a coffee at the time...).

However, with accurate tracking in place and time, clear patterns emerged which enabled us to identify which keywords were attracting new learner drivers at an affordable cost and other keywords that were not as profitable. 

Printscreen Of The Keywords That Were Initially In The EzLicence Campaign

In fact, from the 2,404 keywords that were added into one campaign, we found that only the top 100 keywords (4.2%) contributed to over 95% of the campaigns ad spend and purchases.

These 100 keywords were then reviewed and sorted into topics, such as 'pricing related keywords' - so that advertisements could be written exclusively for those topics.

For example, if a learner driver is searching for "driving lesson prices", they're less likely to be interested in advertisement that highlights EzLicence have the best quality driving instructors.

Rather, they want to know that when they click on the advertisement, they are going to be directed to a page that discusses the pricing options for driving lessons.

Although this makes complete logical sense, it still amazes us to this day how many marketing campaigns that we review, that are not created for the user. 

By writing for the user and directing them to key pieces of information that they were first searching for, we've seen the overall cost per conversion drop by over 50%. 

3. Sending The Right Messages, To The Right People At The Right Time. 

Person On Their Mobile, Receiving An Advertisement

Sending the right messages to the right people at the right time - is a fundamental concept that underpins all of our marketing efforts.

And what this means is, not only should we as marketers try to send the right message to the right person (going back to the pricing example shared earlier), but we also need to send this message at the right time.

Here is an example:

If someone named Bob has initially searched for 'Driving Lesson Prices', they likely want to know more information about how much a driving lesson might cost.

However, if Bob visits the EzLicence pricing page, then leaves the site and compares the pricing against a few other rates, then returns to the EzLicence site and clicks through to learn more about their driving instructors - future advertisements promoting price are no longer relevant for Bob, because he's already aware of the pricing.

Does that make sense?

Bob is probably now interested in learning about Driving Instructors who can teach manual, speak in a certain language or learn about those who have availability in their calendar.

As Bob has taken additional actions over time, the advertisements sent to him have changed - based on where he is in the buyer journey.

It's very rare that we see this correctly executed with any brand we initially start working with. EzLicence was no different.

By mapping out the key actions that their users were taking on the  website (which is possible thanks to point 1), we could then send the right message which would help to nudge them one step closer to becoming a customer.

For those savvy in digital marketing, this was executed across both Facebook Ads and Google Display. 

The Outcome

With these 3 key changes, the results of current digital marketing activities became transparent, profitable and automated - which gave EzLicence the green light to consider expanding.

In July 2019, after just 6 months of official collaboration, EzLicence expanded into Melbourne.

By replicating the new structure of the Sydney campaigns and then tailoring the messaging for the Melbourne audience (based on their search behaviour), the team were acquiring new lesson bookings in days after the launch.

*Note*, the EzLicence team had prepared to not receive 1 learner driver for the first 3 months after launch. Their expectations were noticeably exceeded.

In December 2019, the EzLicence team then expanded into Brisbane and in January 2020, they have further expanded (again!) into Perth.

Now, after a year of collaboration, here's what Simon, the Co-Founder & Managing director had to say:

Simon Strode

Co-Founder & Managing Director

"We were introduced to Market Ease in late 2018. After conducting an initial 'Complete Digital Audit’ of our digital marketing efforts, they were able to find several opportunities to optimise and improve our digital marketing strategy.  

Since partnering with Market Ease in January 2019, we have expanded into three additional states within Australia, increased our monthly marketing budget by $40K and have reduced our cost per conversion by 50%.

However, what’s impressed me the most with Market Ease is their desire to continue innovating and learning about our industry. They are now working with us to also automate the B2B component of our business. 

Because we could trust the Market Ease team to manage our digital marketing efforts, we had more time to focus on growing the business. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Market Ease and have been impressed with their marketing knowledge and see them as a key partner for years to come."

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If you have any questions about this article, or if you would like to learn more about our Complete Digital Audit, please don't hesitate to get in contact.

You are more than welcome to call us at any time during "office hours" on 1300 662 990, or submit a contact form here, and our friendly team will be in contact with you within the next 24 hours. 

Have a great week and don't forget to ask yourself

"Do I know the return I am getting from my current digital marketing efforts?

About the author 

Luke Harrison

Luke is a Digital Marketing Specialist at Market Ease Business Promotions Pty Ltd and is an avid reader of marketing literature and behavioural economics.At Market Ease Business Promotions, he manages the digital marketing campaigns for several large Australian businesses across varying industries and confidently manages a 7 Figure yearly marketing budget.His weapons of choice are Google Ads, Google Optimize, Facebook Ads and Email Marketing. Don't be a stranger. Say Hi!

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