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1. Tracking Advertising Campaigns With Google's Campaign URL Builder 

When provided with access to the clients Google Analytics and paid traffic channels, we were delighted to see that the conversion tracking was accurately set and recording the right user behaviour. 

However, the EzLicence team were not able to clearly determine which specific online campaigns, emails and advertisements were providing them with the most learner driver bookings.

Google's Campaign URL Builder  allows advertisers to easily add campaign parameters to URL's, so we can track custom advertisements in Google Analytics.

UTM Link Builder

Learn more about the Google URL Builder here

With this correctly installed, we were able to determine the value of each individual email in a Welcome Sequence and identify that learner drivers weren't engaging with emails sent 7 days after initially subscribing.

With this information, we could ascertain that the need for a 90 day welcome email sequence was not a priority.

2. Prioritising The Top Performing Keywords

Printscreen Of The Keywords That Were Initially In The EzLicence Campaign

Not all keywords are created equal.

Initially, it was found that EzLicence were targeting 2,400 keywords in their Google Ads account. 

However, of these keywords, it was identified that only the top 100 keywords (4.2%) contributed to over 95% of the accounts new learner bookings. 

Once this was identified, we worked with EzLicence to group these keywords into common themes so that they could be placed in to ad groups accordingly. 

When keywords are organised in to ad groups, we were then able to write more tailored ads directly related to what people were searching.

For example, if someone was searching for 'Driving Lesson Prices', our ads would be centred on pricing and how EzLicence provide the best value. 

3. Providing EzLicence With The Time To Focus On Their Business

Now, collaborating with EzLicence, the Market Ease team manage the online paid traffic campaigns.

By managing this service on behalf of EzLicence, they no longer needed to stay up to date with all of the constant changes that occur in a digital landscape. 

Rather, EzLicence could use this time to focus on growing their business and provide a better user experience for their learner drivers. 

With regular communication and weekly meetings, the Market Ease team continue to learn more about the learner driver industry. 

With this desire to continue learning and developing, we found a way to automate the recruitment process of new learner drivers, with the aid of online advertising. 

The Outcome

In July 2019, after just 6 months of official collaboration, EzLicence expanded into Melbourne.

By replicating the new structure of the Sydney campaigns and then tailoring the messaging for the Melbourne audience (based on their search behaviour), the team were acquiring new lesson bookings in days after the launch.

In December 2019, the EzLicence team then expanded into Brisbane and in January 2020, they have further expanded (again!) into Perth.

Now, after a year of collaboration, here's what Simon, the Co-Founder & Managing director had to say:

Simon Strode

Co-Founder & Managing Director

"We were introduced to Market Ease in late 2018. After conducting an initial 'Complete Digital Audit’ of our digital marketing efforts, they were able to find several opportunities to optimise and improve our digital marketing strategy.  

Since partnering with Market Ease in January 2019, we have expanded into three additional states within Australia, increased our monthly marketing budget by $40K and have reduced our cost per conversion by 50%.

However, what’s impressed me the most with Market Ease is their desire to continue innovating and learning about our industry. They are now working with us to also automate the B2B component of our business. 

Because we could trust the Market Ease team to manage our digital marketing efforts, we had more time to focus on growing the business. 

We have thoroughly enjoyed working with Market Ease and have been impressed with their marketing knowledge and see them as a key partner for years to come."

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