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Make a Second Impression with Google AdWords Remarketing

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Have you ever found yourself browsing the web and being inundated with ads from a particular company? Your first thought may have been, “Wow! They must have tons to spend on marketing… they’re advertising everywhere!”. In actual fact, however, they are more likely taking advantage of AdWords Remarketing. Also known as Retargeting, remarketing allows businesses […]

Reasons You Should be Guest Blogging

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Have you considered adding guest blogging to your SEO and marketing strategy? Read on to find out why you should be doing this more often: Blog owners want good content and have trouble keeping up with it. Your providing good content is often welcomed. You could get your post on a high visibility blog with […]

Losing Subscribers? Stop the Bleeding!


If you are losing subscribers to social media accounts, blogs, and / or newsletters, it’s akin to your site bleeding money. Read on for some sage advice: There are many ways to market to your customers and target customers online. Subscriber marketing can work really well as subscribers are a great audience to have. Once […]

Turning Visitors into Followers

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Website visitors may be there on your site in order to buy something. They may be there to get some quick info. They might have simply stumbled onto your site via another site that linked to you.  Whatever the case is, try to do what you can to turn those visitors into followers. Doing so […]

Boost Your Online Presence and Marketing Success in 2013

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Continuous improvement in marketing and a good online presence are something every business should keep on their goals list. Like continuous improvement, online branding is an ongoing thing. The more you work at it, the better the results will be.  Here are some tips for getting more exposure online so that you can find customers, […]