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How often should you change your website’s design? There is no rule of thumb and the answer to the question will vary, depending on who you ask. But here are some signs that it might be time to make some changes to your website design. Changes can help you feed the search engine spiders and the people that land on your site.

You’re Still Using a Free Template

Free templates for websites can serve their purpose but they don’t help you differentiate yourself enough in most cases. They also don’t offer some of the great SEO features that premium or customised templates offer. Great website design does good things for your site’s look and feel and customer experience and can help you get better results with organic SEO as well.

Your Site Loads Slowly or Doesn’t Display Well

Don’t underestimate the power of the right template on the tiny screen of a mobile phone.

Your Site Has Been Static for Several Years

A static website might look good for visitors the first time they arrive but is it going to work to nurture relationships with them? The right web design may or may not have a static main page but aspects of your site need to be regularly updated to continue to feed search engine spiders, boost your page rank and organic rankings, and to help you continually connect with customers and prospective customers. The right site elements can help you tick all of these boxes. (Tip: a site blog, added to an effective design, can be a great way to feed new content continually to your visitors and the search engine spiders that are hungry for content!)

If you want a design tweak or a site overhaul, consider talking to professional web designers who also know a lot about SEO. The right combo of design and search engine optimization skills can help you reach new heights of success with your website.

Marketease is a SEO Adelaide company with extensive experience in SEO and web design. We would be happy to help you explore your web design options.

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